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MAAN GAYE MUGHAL-E-AZAM : Neither a Comedy nor a Thriller. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

26 Aug, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

Its more difficult to make a good comedy than a action thriller or an emotional drama. The reason being that there is a very thin & minute line between a good comedy and some cheap sequences trying to make you laugh. The present movie should be considered in the second category where you keep waiting for the expected hilarious moments but nothing comes and the film ends just like that.

The story idea of a “Theater Team” getting involved with “Gangsters” was good but its lacks the required punchy execution for a comedy. The script fails to entertain and also could not make use of the talented starcest it had. Both the plots get confused with each other, which results in a movie going in an unknown direction. Cheap imitations of real life characters is not tastefully done. Naseeruddin Shah’s part of a Ghazal Singer involved with terrorists in “Sarfarosh” is also used in a comic way but this too falls flat.

Paresh Rawal is completely wasted and in my opinion apart from his other roles, the comedy movies are the one which he should choose with utmost care. After his past successes in comic roles, people now go for a movie only for him. But the writer neither gave him good scenes nor good dialogues to deliver. I suppose he was more concerned with showing Mallika Sherawat and her silly affairs with everyone in the story.

While watching you wonder what K.K. & Rahul Bose are doing in the movie. They are just playing their role because they have signed the movie. Rahul Bose doesnt seem interested anywhere in the 2 hours and K.K. looks like just enjoying doing a light comedy for a change. Mallika Sherawat is over possesive about her “sex-siren” image. But now after the failure of her 2 recent movies one after another, its time she comes with something more original & creative in order to sustain. Musically there is nothing to comment upon as its just another musical score for a movie with nothing exceptional.

In the end, I can only say that the movie is not entertaining enough with even Paresh Rawal being there as the lead. I was expecting at least some good moments but sadly couldn’t find enough to recommend the movie to others.

Rating : 1 / 5

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