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MAD MAX: Fury Road (English) - It refuses to stop pressing the accelerator once it begins. (Review By Bobby Sing)

28 May, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

Mad Max - Fury Road

Few rare films are simply not interested in impressing everyone unanimously since they neither have any interesting storyline nor any intense show of loving relationship between its key characters. These are the films specifically targeting the viewers who love watching high paced actions sequences coming one after another in an unstoppable mode making you feel the adrenaline rush providing many electrifying entertaining moments in those two hours. And further can also be compared to an unbelievable roller coaster ride that refuses to stop once it starts pressing the accelerator with a promise to make you scream and yell like hell.
So if you are one amongst those who are eager enough to witness this astonishing show of exceptional (or rather impossible) kind of stunts, extremely difficult yet superlative cinematography and breath-taking execution on screen by hundreds of performers together in the location of a hot desert, then just buy a ticket and fasten your seatbelts to have one of the best action-oriented, cinematic rides you might have enjoyed so far.
Coming after a few decades of its original Mad Max trilogy, this latest venture surpasses them all with many unreal firsts showcasing an incredible quality-chaos featuring brilliant performances (superbly led by Tom Hardy & Charlize Theron), long car chases, amazing bikers, giant trucks, big explosions and jaw-dropping mad action that forcibly gives you the thought that “How the hell they could do all this and then capture it on camera too so brilliantly?”
Made on an admittedly weak plot of a group of girls being rescued, the film also focuses on the strong women power displayed by its female protagonist. But what actually lifts the movie beautifully along with its action are its meaningful, life teaching one liners included in its short but powerful dialogues. For instance,
"What are you doing?"
"To who?"
"Anyone who's listening!!!!"
"You know......HOPE is a ...... Mistake."
"If you cannot fix what's broken, you will go insane"
Moreover the skillfully composed background score successfully brings you on to the edge of your seats, especially with the ‘already famous’ rock-star on the truck playing his explosive guitar along with the people hitting the huge drums at the back. Plus this is one of those few movies that remain bright throughout (due to the chosen locations) and never becomes a pain watching in 3D due to its fascinating sequences both shot & performed extremely well.
Having said that MAD MAX: Fury Road also might not be the film for the ones not much interested in such pulsating action or a loud, brutal fight for survival shot unbelievably with its own limitations of concept and storyline. But if you really wish to experience many highly charged, thrilling moments in the theatre like never before then do opt for the film, especially on the bigger screen to respect & honour the amazingly mind-boggling achievement made by its entire team.
In short, it can also be referred as one of those remarkably conceived, eye-opener films that actually make you realize the huge amount of backstage preparations, hard-work, time, energy and resources required to shoot such a challenging film on location. So do watch it at a must to take your own lessons of film-making from the masters on work both on and off the screen so majestically.
Rating : 3.5 + 0.5 / 5 (With the additional 0.5 for the entire, exceptionally talented performers and technical crew behind this epic creation)

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