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MAHARATHI - An unqualified, inspired crime thriller with major questions unanswered supported by competent performances. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

07 Dec, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

The film which is supposed to be based on a successful play by Paresh Rawal, is actually an unofficial adaptation of James Headly Chase novel THERE IS ALWAYS A PRICE TAG. But it still lacks a lot due to many major questions unanswered, focusing more on the pace and its key performers .
(Major Spoilers Ahead*)
In fact the very start of the mystery sequence or murder scene pops up some big questions which are enough to raise the doubts, especially if you are an avid reader of such crime-mystery novels. For instance, to what extent the time and date of a death can be hidden if the body is just stored in a deep freezer, without any specific chemicals applied as required? MAHARATHI actually entirely depends upon this basic plot and in reality is a “How to twist it!” instead of “Who Done It!” murder mystery to be precise.
The film has been shot competently but the writing leaves wide cracks open in the suspense and twists involved. However it still marginally works because of the veteran performers and the pace in a short duration of less than two hours. Paresh Rawal as always carries the movie on his shoulders alone and does exceptionally well to make it look convincing. Naseer, Neha and Boman are also decent and enjoyable in their specific sequences. But the writing keeps leaving big loopholes in the progression giving you a lot to think and question.
To be specific, Why Naseer kills himself and why not change the nomination or get rid of his wife avoiding all the trouble? Why he leaves everything inherited to Paresh – a driver, whom he has met just few days ago? Moreover, he has a life insurance of 25 crores, for which he must be paying the premium too but is still living a miserable life deep buried in huge debts. Tara Sharma, an architecture student, is kept as a house keeper who never visits the room of his sick employer and just keeps on washing the floors. She is shown to be dumb and a night walker too but surprisingly is sharp enough to help Paresh by giving false statement to police knowing that he will never get caught.
Boman Irani seems to be doing silly things in the climax, simply not expected from a well-established Criminal Lawyer? Om Puri (completely wasted) enters as an experienced detective but doesn’t doubt Paresh and never questions him about his background or his entry in the house just a few days back. Plus in the climax, he too decides to do a silly encounter without any justifications.
Interestingly the plot of putting the dead body in a box (deep freezer here) is quite similar to that in Alfred Hitchcock’s ROPE. But that is an outstanding film revolving around only one evening. 
Overall you can surely watch MAHARATHI and would probably like it too but if only you are ready to ignore the faulty plot and its loopholes, focusing more on the impressive lead act by Paresh Rawal.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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