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MAHESH BHATT - The master of portraying human emotions on the silver screen with an amazing musical sense.
22 Mar, 2011 | Articles on Cinema / Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

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Many a times, thinking about the present Hindi Cinema and the various songs used in them to express human emotions, I strongly feel, “Those were the days and those were the times…………when all the three essential ingredients of a song (i.e. lyrics, composition and singers) worked like an effective meditative pill for the audience, under the guidance of an exceptional, insightful director”

But here instead of talking about our GOLDEN ERA of Hindi Films before the 80s, I would like to strongly praise a director who made his presence felt in the 80s only and then went on to have a long successful career in Hindi cinema for the next two decades. The man is called MAHESH BHATT, who is now widely referred as 'an example to follow' to the youngsters, learning the art of making films in all the key institutes.

No doubt there is a long list of 'inspired films from the west' made by the director for which he surely cannot take the entire credit. Plus there is another long list of controversies associated with his name and personal life too. Yet there is one exceptional, God-gifted art in the man and that’s the art of portraying human emotions on screen in the most intense and effective manner choosing the right performers. Besides the way he uses his amazing sense of music and lyrics in the emotional story progressions is nothing short of a 'text-book example' for the students unarguably. In fact this remains the major secret behind his films achieving a cult status either due to their bold execution or a memorable melodious soundtrack in the two active decades.

In short, Mahesh Bhatt can make you feel the pain and bring tears into your eyes in only a few seconds and most of his films have got several meaningful scenes that not only entertain but teach you a new way of life, living its every moment.

One of the best examples of his art, which I love a lot, is a song from his film, “Najaayaz” released in 1995 featuring Nasseruddin Shah and Ajay Devgan in the lead roles. Would love to share the track along with its meaningful lyrics that always infuse a new spirit into myself, as a reminder to live each moment more attentively and joyfully.

The song talks about life and the habit of drinking….but before you go for it, I would like to request that don’t take it as a song supporting the avoidable practice. The mention of “Glasses full of wine or bottles” in the lyrics should ideally be considered as “The Glasses full of life and Bottles full of life force” making it all positive. 

Now though the film was not a runaway success but it still had its moments and this particular situation in the song depicts the relationship between a rich gangster father and his illegitimate (Najaayaz) wife and son in an unique Bhatt style.

The best part of the song comes in its concluding moments when Naseer enters the house of his wife disguised as a beggar, just to meet his young son without revealing himself. While the beggars are picking up the notes given to them by Ajay Devgan, Naseer quietly goes and touches the feet of his illegitimate son and silently asks for his forgiveness within his wounded heart. The scene makes you feel the pain along with Reema Lagoo, who is witnessing it all as a helpless silent mother and wife with moist eyes.

And that’s exactly where you get to feel the Power and Magic of Cinema working like wonder in the hands of the directors like Mahesh Bhatt.

Cheering for the man and his truly gifted art with many heartfelt thanks, I would like to mention a few lines from the song, which can easily be taken as a new lesson of life to be remembered forever.

“Mujhe Tukdhon Mein Nahin Jeena Hai, Katra Katra To Nahin Peena Hai,
Maikadon Mein To Piya Karta Hun, Chalti Raahon Mein Bhi Pee Lene Do
Abhi Zinda Hun To Jee Lene Do, Bhari Barsaat Mein Pee Lene Do”

My explanation to the above lines :

“I don’t want to live my life in bits and pieces,
and I don’t want to drink the nectar of life in small doses.
I have lived enough in complete security and in closed rooms,
but now let me drink life as it is, in the open roads under the sky.
I am alive at this moment and not dead yet,
so please let me drink the wine of life in this beautiful rain”
                                                                                      - bobbysingEnjoy!              


(Lyrics by Sudershan Faqir, Composed by Anu Malik, Sung By Kumar Sanu & Roop Kumar Rathod and Directed by Mahesh Bhatt)



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22 Mar 2011 / Comments ( 3 )

Dear Bobby ji,

Yes you touched the right cord. Golden Era was powerful enough to brush anyone\'s shoulder and bring out Musical Mines Hidden deep inside as such. In the Era where music was more than a noise as such, Mahesh Bhatt ji brought sense to lyrics and new tunes to humming as such. "Arth " is still considered the master piece of his works which he himself could not repeat as such. The movie and Its music composition is till date so fresh and heart piercing. So very authentic and so very very contemporary as such.

The song which you mentioned too carried a wonderful note of life and presentation as such. Though the movie failed in many aspects but this song is indeed a good one for sure.
Abhi Zinda Hun To Jee Lene Do !
Bhari Barsaat Mein Pee Lene Do !

Thanks for taking time and remembering him for better reasons.

Bobby Sing

My pleasure Vinay Ji......Infact I doubt there is any movie lover or even lover who has not got some of his memories associated with any one of the songs from Mahesh Bhatt's Films. It cant be as I see it.


A Desai

Bobby Ji

This song has been my all time favorite even before release of the movie. However, after watching first show I immediately purchased ticket for the 2nd show just to see this song. He wonderfully used this number in the movie. Some my favorite (and less popular) MB numbers are as follows:

Teri Khushbu Mein Base - Arth
Chitthi Aayee hai - Naam
Aaina Mujhse Meri Pehli si soorat - Daddy
Tu Meri Zindgi Hai - Ashiqui
Jab Koi Baat - Jurm
Chamakte Chaand Ko Toota Hua - Awaargi
Hum Se Badal Gaya Woh - Sir
Shab Ke jaage Hue - Tamanna
Hum Yahaan - Zakhm

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