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MAIN AURR MRS KHANNA - Movie Review : An un-necessary flick. (Review By Bobby Sing)

17 Oct, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

At times after watching a movie you just have one thought in the mind that why on earth this movie was made in the first place. What was the creative team thinking while working on this project and how did they come up with an idea of making a complete movie on such a thin, rotten and completely uninteresting plot. "Main Aurr Mrs Khanna" is the latest example of such a movie which fails to impress miserably from its first scene itself and falls flat.

The story is about a husband and wife, who are parting for some time to gain more financial stability in the future. The wife has to stay alone for the same and within that time period she establishes new friendly relationship with people who help her in finding a new job. On his return the husband starts the same old games of suspicion and then after certain usual clarifications it all ends on a happy note.

In the new age period of 2009, it’s really strange and courageous of the film-makers to even think of conceiving a film on this subject. May be the narration was quite different from the final product and that may also be the reason why there was not a huge promotional campaign planned for this Salman Khan starrer after the success of his “Wanted”. It seems that the makers already knew that they have a loser in their kitty.
The film starts on a confusing note, with no proper explanations about its key characters, their origin or their work. The viewer keeps guessing how Salman has failed in the business and how he later suddenly succeeds and returns as a rich man just like that. Till intermission the movie keeps moving on its own as if it is not even concerned about the viewer’s interest. And on the top, post interval you are straight away given a song to watch which comes from simply no-where.
To build up the plot, Sohail Khan unrealistically tries to break the loving couple of Salman & Kareena with his silly and unconvincing efforts. He deliberately tries to become the other person in Kareena’s life, even when she never gives him any hint in that direction. And that was completely incompetent stuff from the writing department after the intermission. Moreover introduction of a new girl (Deepika Padukone) in the end, who becomes Sohail’s fresh love interest was also an old surprise trick seen several times before in many similar love stories.

In the acting department, Kareena tries hard to keep the viewer’s interest alive but doesn’t get the support of her writers. Salman looks a bit tired and too casual in his husband act. Sohail Khan simply repeats himself as usual. Mahek Chahal, Yash Tonk & Nauheed Cyrusi have got nothing much to do in their short roles. Dino Morea is just there for a few minutes. But Bappi Lahiri, who has a full fledged role in the movie is cool and nice to see with all his gold chains around the neck as his trademark.
Sajid Wajid’s music has got something to enjoy as a soundtrack alone. However their few melodious songs could have been used in a more deserving way in some other project. Cinematography is fine capturing the foreign locales, but writing is the weakest department in the movie, coming up with bizarre dialogues such as, “I have bought a star from NASA as a Gift for you.” Now what was that supposed to mean?

On the whole, I strongly believe that with such huge stars supporting his project, director Prem Soni should have thought of another fresh subject altogether for his first movie. In real terms, the only entertaining five minutes in the movie are with Priety Zinta dancing with the entire cast in a peppy item song having the right punch. But that alone will not be able to bring huge crowds in to the theaters in this festive season.

Rating : 1 / 5

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