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MARDAANI 2 - Begins with a solid punch featuring impressive lead acts but along with big cinematic liberties and typical insertions ending on a less satisfying note. (Review by Bobby Sing)

13 Dec, 2019 | Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases

A few films are destined to release just at the right time, becoming more relevant pointing towards an ongoing national issue or social tragedy. MARDAANI 2 happens to be one of those few films, releasing in the midst of a national debate on continuous brutal rapes, murders and state of women in our society in the present new-age.
Beginning with praises, the sequel happens to be a few steps ahead than its first part and more or less follows the appreciable pattern of the outstanding crime-thriller movies made in our Indian Regional languages cinema (sadly still not known to many Hindi film viewers).
Coming straight to the point introducing its sick-psycho killer in the very first scene (breaking the fourth wall, talking to the camera), MARDAANI 2 progresses with a no-nonsense approach delivering the thrills and one expects something great coming ahead moving beyond the typical features of a Hindi film.
However, it doesn’t happen exactly as per the expectations raised and the film written and directed by Gopi Puthran sadly falls back to many clichéd insertions of gangsters-contract killers-political games-politicians and TV channels-anchors-interviews seen several times before.
But still the thankfully song-less film keeps striking back in sequences featuring both the impressive Rani Mukherji and the surprisingly brilliant young Vishal Jethwa playing the sadistic villain. With a less than two hours of duration MARDAANI 2 also addresses many crucial social issues related it with the continuous crimes against women in our society showing us the mirror. But we can only hope the message reaches and makes some kind of the much desired impact on the people.
Overall, it is a technical well-made, focused and thrilling film keeping you thoroughly engrossed till the intense and hard-hitting climax. But at the same time, remains unable to match the standards set by the exceptional crime thrillers made in our Indian cinema in south to be specific. The writing falters at many places and struggles to build up a powerful crescendo in its finale as required by such films based on the cat and mouse games played between the criminals and the cops. Moreover it takes huge cinematic liberties in its portrayal of various elements in the script, for instance in the depiction of an asthmatic patient making all those quick moves and swimming away even in the deep waters.
(Spoilers Ahead)
Indicatively giving you the biggest fault in its writing, at one end MARDAANI 2 tries to present the police force in a highly positive light also addressing their official issues. But on the other foolishly showcases them as quite unaware and untrained kind of officers who cannot even spot or control the unusual happenings in their own well-guarded polices stations and homes too. To be specific, the way crimes and a murder gets committed right under their nose and a body too gets dumped and picked up later from their police station itself, makes them all look so silly and naive, which entirely ruins the otherwise appreciable build-up and progression of the film. Wish this was taken care of and the city of KOTA also exploited in a better way known as the hub of coaching classes and students coming from all over the country.
Anyway, moving over or ignoring the flaws, MARDAANI 2 deserves appreciation for three major reasons getting a 3 star rating. First for coming up with a technically well-shot, focused and song-less serial killer film as it should be. Second, for its two praiseworthy lead performances of Rani Mukerji and young Vishal Jethwa along with a note-worthy supporting cast. And most importantly for recalling and bringing the powerful villain back in the mainstream Hindi cinema after a long gap. 
So do give it a chance as it is a much better film in comparison to its first part and has a relevant message too for the men in particular. 

Rating : 3 / 5

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