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MAROON (2017) - A daring, experimental attempt that also happens to be an unofficial adaptation. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]

25 Mar, 2020 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases / ALL ABOUT INSPIRED MOVIES / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / M

An intense psychological drama, this is about a strangely behaving professor dealing with the fact of his missing (unfaithful) wife. The film makes you aware of the scenario and then gives you various ideas about what might have happened to his wife, the possible murder and who would have done that! The narrative begins interestingly but soon becomes monotonous with a dark, depressing tone as the police starts investigating the eccentric professor’s case.
Full of psychotic references of hallucinations and suspicions creating a lot of confusions (through innovative lighting and camerawork), MAROON doesn’t remain the same as it begins, post a young female student of the professor also gets introduced into the story progression. But the conscious performance by Manav Kaul forces you to keep watching and he daringly performs the complex character with conviction.
Shot within one location, the 90+ minutes film mostly keeps you involved but doesn’t come up with any shocking or appreciable climax which is a must for such psychological crime dramas. So overall MAROON generates mixed kind of feelings as a daring project with its distinctive look and feel and an impressive lead performance. 

But then it all changes when you get to know the brutal truth that the film is actually an undisclosed and also an unofficial adaptation of the American film, CHASING SLEEP (2000).

Imagine, when you are thinking about praising the brave effort made listening to a catchy song in the end saying “Neend Ko Kab Ka Maar Diya”………. that very moment you come to know that it’s nothing original either in its content or presentation and has taken it all from an American film without acknowledging the source (as I couldn’t find any reference of it in the film’s opening or end credits). I hope I didn’t miss reading it somehow.

Rating : 2 / 5
Written and Directed by Pulkit
Starring : Manav Kaul, Sumeet Vyas, Saurabh Sachdeva, Sunil Sinha, Jayesh Sanghvi and more. 

(Note : At the time of posting this write-up the film could be seen at Netflix)

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