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MARRNE BHI DO YAARON - Makes a fool of its audience through false promotions as this is not a comedy as projected and not any enjoyable film too. (Review By Bobby Sing)

02 Nov, 2019 | Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases

The lead actors Krishna Abhishek (also the producer) and Kashmira Shah (who has also written and directed the film as her debut venture) came at Kapil Sharma Show and promoted the film as a light hearted comedy without revealing its key plot cracking jokes with Kapil. Besides, every single poster of the film projected it as a comedy and the trailer showed Krishna in different get-ups hilariously conversing with other characters giving a subtle reference towards Life and Death. 
So almost the entire promotional campaign of MARRNE BHI DO YAARON (titled as a spoof on the cult JAANE BHI DO YAARON) intentionally presented it as a comedy and the presence of Krishna in the lead confirmed it without any doubt.
However it surely was planned at purpose as the film is not at all a comedy but an experimental project instead, talking about death and unseen circumstances of life in a forced lighter tone which unfortunately remains directionless right from its weird opening sequence till the end.
Moreover Krishna is also not the lead character of the film, as he plays a mysterious identity who keeps returning at intervals becoming the connecting link. The actual hero of the film is a fresher Rishaab Chauhaan - who is not able to commit suicide and Kashmira comes in as a professional suicide facilitator helping him get it done. To be honest, the film is even more bizaare than this one line unusual plot and many would even find it hard to sit through till the end bearing the torture. The songs and supporting cast sincerely add to the absurdity as instructed by the director and Krishna desperately keeps trying to deliver the expected entertainment in his individual scenes.

In short, perhaps Kashmira wished to make a thoughtful film talking about love, uncertainty of life and a sudden death, but it all eventually got lost in some seriously poor writing, confused narrative, amateurish direction/performances and an already established image of Krishna as a comedian. So you can easily skip it without any second thoughts as it’s a wrongly promoted film that hasn’t got what you might be expecting as a comedy. 

Rating : 1 / 5 

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