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MASTIZAADE - Worse than even KYA KOOL HAIN HUM 3 despite the presence of Sunny in a double role. (Review By Bobby Sing)
29 Jan, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

There isn’t any objection to films made as ‘Sex-Comedies’ since that is a specific genre of cinema enjoyed by different age groups and the Censor Board is there to categorize such attempts with ‘Adult Ratings’. But the problem arises when the makers try to present stupid cinema in the name of sex-comedies with nothing beyond beautiful girls roaming around in minimum clothes, camera constantly focusing on cleavages, animals used in a pure silly manner and all pathetically written dialogues finding humour only in the double meaning phrases and songs.
To put it honestly, expecting a balanced ‘sex-comedy’ from Indian film-makers that can be enjoyed by both men and women together would be asking for too much knowing the one-sided social mindset followed since ages. But what is being served in last week’s KYA KOOL HAIN HUM 3 and now MASTIZAADE to the audience as so called ‘Porn-Coms’, clearly reveals the fact that these ‘visionless’ makers are simply assuming their audience to be all sex-starved, foolish people sitting in the theaters who are only interested in ogling at the bare body parts of a charming lady on screen, giving damn to whatever else is served in the name of content.
In short MASTIZAADE is quite unfunny, senseless film completely relying on the euphoria created by the name Sunny Leone that surprisingly turns out to be completely impotent in terms of delivering the expected fun projected in the bold promos. It’s entirely based on a brain-dead script without even one enjoyable sequence giving you the return of your money spent and the truth gets revealed in the opening 15 minutes of the film itself before the entry of Sunny in a double role.
To give you a fair idea of the stupidity displayed in its two hours of duration, MASTIZAADE revolves around two young boys attending a ‘sex-addiction care group’ run by twin sisters played by Sunny Leone, who introduce themselves and their ‘sex-addicted family’ by a disgraceful reference of Defence services of the nation. A song uses the Punjabi words “Hor Nach” (meaning ‘dance more’) – offensively trying to abuse Sunny dancing to it with the constant stress on the word ‘Hor’ (having a different meaning in English – for which Sunny should have objected). The director goes on a cruel display of product endorsing of brands such as LAWMAN jeans and more by even including advertisements into the film with the reference of an ad-agency. A sequence also uses a temple in the backdrop and names of “Karan-Arjun” for a sexual advert in an awful manner. The girl from KKHH3 is here too playing an erotic cameo and just like the last week dud - MASTIZAADE also has a donkey, horse & bananas used to generate some tasteless laughter.
Adding to the unexpected mess, we have all mediocre songs thrown at every 10 minutes into the film as usual. Plus cinematography, background score, art direction and locations of Pattaya Beach fail to generate any kind of interest in the highly amateurish presentation from the director Milap Zaveri and his team of writers.
Putting it more bluntly, it seems the moment Milap got the dates of Sunny finalized - he just started shooting the film without anything in mind focusing on her individual scenes alone. As a result everyone else in MASTIZAADE looks like an extra in front of Sunny Leone and the names include Tushar Kapoor, Vir Das, Ritesh Deshmukh (in a cameo), Suresh Menon (repeating his gay act once again), Sushmita Mukherjee and Asrani (wasted in an unimportant role).
On the other hand, despite given a badly written role by the over-enthusiastic writers & director, Sunny takes up the opportunity and actually displays some fine acting skills apart from the mastered art of Bollywood Dance or Item numbers. She looks gorgeous in her twin act wearing all short dresses and bikinis, but doesn’t have any explicit-sexual scene (not even a kiss), probably ruining the spirited expectations of many sitting in the theater just for her. In comparison terms, the lady looked much more sensual and erotic in her film EK PAHELI LEELA (2015) than this so called Sex-Comedy, and that should say it all about the director’s cinematic vision and presentation. In other words, what can be said about a team that miserably fails to make an enjoyable sex-comedy with not one but two Sunny Leone in the cast, willing to put up a great show. 
Studying the last week’s KYA KOOL HAIN HUM 3 and MASTIZAASE together, the two films actually reveal the misconception or lesser understanding of this particular genre in our present filmmakers unfortunately. With a similar outcome in both the cases, where KKHH3 had only Krishna coming up with some enjoyable moments occasionally, in MASTIZAADE we have Sunny Leone alone and that too just as a pretty face unable to save the film from becoming a pathetic disaster.
Taking the same thought forward, Hindi Cinema’s present ‘Sex-Comedies’ also force you to think that why we are not able to conceive projects on the lines of hugely famous Carry on Series or American Pie sequels in the west. Maybe the writer-directors of the gone era (70-80s) had much better understanding of the genre, coming up with films such as SABSE BADA SUKH (1972/Hrishikesh Mukherjee), SHAUKEEN (1982/Basu Chatterjee) and ANUBHAV (1986/Kashinath). However contradicting my own statement I did appreciate and liked many of the new-age ‘sex comedies’ too such as MIXED DOUBLES (2006), MIRCH (2010) and HUNTERRR (2015). In fact the first two are also included in BTC’s “Movies To See Before You Die” for all interested friends.
Rating : 0.5 / 5 (and that too just for the crew working hard behind the curtains.)

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