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MEDICAL CRIMES in India & two recent films raising the crucial issue (MERSAL & KUTTRAM 23) - By Bobby Sing

03 Jan, 2018 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases / Articles on Cinema / Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi)

The medical profession is no more a ‘noble profession’ - is the most debatable subject of the present times, when malpractices by hospitals and doctors form the news more than often and they both are repeatedly accused by families of the victim patients getting a huge support of the public as well as the opportunist media.

On the other hand, the ‘true to their profession’ doctors and medical institutions are feeling immense pressure, especially post the Supreme Court ruling bringing them under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) giving more power to the patients or the consumers. No doubt the cost of treatment (in the private hospitals) has gone way out of the reach of the common man and the government hospitals are certainly struggling to deliver as per the expectations raised. Still considering everyone involved in the profession as corrupt or more interested in the rate of returns would not be right giving the deserving appreciation and support to the doctors and hospitals still serving the society maintaining the dignity and sacredness of their ‘noble profession’.

In the past many films including Salman Khan’s GOD TUSSI GREAT HO (2008) and Akshay Kumar’s GABBAR IS BACK (2015/remake of 2002 Tamil hit RAMANNA) had sequences revealing the malpractices of major Hospitals and doctors even admitting a ‘brought dead’ person for treatment.
But recently two major Tamil thrillers incorporated this important social issue as the main element of their scripts and made some strong comments over the widespread corruption in this profession reaching out to the general public.
MERSAL (Tamil/2017/Meaning ‘Zapped’) – Though the film is a typical masala, revenge thriller purposefully made to satisfy the huge fan following of its lead star Vijay (featuring in a triple role), it still rightly points towards the issue of medical negligence and exploitation of the helpless indecisive patients by the greedy doctors and major hospitals very clearly.
For instance, the film prominently shows how commissions are given to bring in the patients by the hospitals, how doctors overcharge the needy patients and how they even operate a person who has no chances of surviving just to make a fat bill.
Co-written and directed by Atlee, the most important comment in the film comes in the flashback (taking you back in the late 80s-90s), when a greedy doctor cunningly predicts addressing his associate that “The way you are feeling surprised by a cesarean delivery today, the people would feel surprised by a normal delivery in the next few decades for sure making no issue of it whatsoever”
Ironically, the same is happening in the present in a big majority of cases without any questions asked. Sadly the important message of the film got lost in the revolts against its comment made on the GST introduced by the government and the film even witnessed opposition coming from several medical associations of the state too.
Kuttaram-23KUTTRAM 23 (Tamil/2017/Meaning ‘Crime 23’) – Based on the strange case of murders of three pregnant women, this is an investigating crime thriller making a shocking revelation over the process of pregnancy through artificial insemination undertaken by a reputed hospital of the town.
Written and directed by Arivazhagan, featuring Arun Vijay as the lead, the film majorly works because of its solid writing that comes up with disgusting disclosures about the deaths relating them to the process of artificial insemination and blackmailing involving one of the most famous hospitals and its renowned doctors. Revealing the ugly jaw dropping secrets unmasking the double standards of our society, the number 23 used in its title also has a medical relevance referring to the male chromosomes required by a woman for conceiving a child.
In short, tackling several significant social issues in its well written script, KUTTRAM 23 certainly deserves to be seen, continuing the debate on medical crimes happening in India that are undoubtedly much more in numbers than actually reported and disclosed.
(Note: The article was first published on UC-News Mobile App on 3rd January 2018)

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03 Jan 2018 / Comments ( 4 )
Mustafa Raja

Interesting subjects... Do you remember a hindi movie on same subject where pharma companies test there medicines on poor kids and slum people in exchange of few bucks and how the whole racket is unmasked.

I dont know even if it got released or not.

Pls if you remember share the name.

Bobby Sing

Hi Mustafa,
Though I dont recall the exact Hindi film made on the subject of pharma companies testing there medicines on poor slum kids, I do recall a film on medical malpractices in the 80s I had written about long back.

It's titled NASOOR and here is the link of my write-up on it, which as a pleasant surprise also got a comment from the film's co-writer too.


Do let me know if you remember the name of that one film you have in mind in the coming days if possible.

Mustafa Raja

Sir until mid of 2018 i remebered the name and it was in my to be watched films.
There was also a Trailer on youtube. I think it never released. The trailer i saw same at the time when San 56 trailer came out.

Now completely forgot the name and cast. The subject was very serious. Now my mind will always be upset if i cant recall the name.

Bobby Sing

Oh! But do try to recall the name and let me know too as you get it somehow in the coming days.

Keep Visting and Writing in,

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