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MERA DAGHISTAAN By Rasul Hamzatov - The book that has to be considered as an essential read in life remembering your Mother Language. (Book Review by Bobby Sing)

12 Mar, 2014 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

Beginning the write up I am really struggling to find the exact words to describe this amazing piece of art in the form a book by Rasul Hamzatov, the world famous poet from Russia who wrote in a lesser spoken ‘Avar’ language, the language of mountains. And to admit it openly, this is one of the most insightful, enlightening and spiritual book I have enjoyed in a long time, written by a sincere poet talking about himself, his art, his country, his people, his language and his enriching life experiences in an astonishingly unusual format.

However making you aware of the writer first, Rasul Hamzatov was the son of Russia’s well known writer-poet Hamzat Tsadasa and is widely remembered as one of the most famous, legendary creative artists loving his country and the mother language with deep love and respect. His poetic works are cherished for their honest as well as a fresh portrayal of life and its profound relationship with music, poetry, nature and literature. Awarded with the Lenin Prize for poetry, Rasul Hamzatov was also honoured with the title of People’s Poet of Daghistaan and his works have been translated in various languages all over the globe as an important part of the world literature.
Coming to the precious book MERA DAGHISTAAN, it is Hamzatov’s first form of a novel full of many introspective expressions about life, written in a pretty unfamiliar yet lovable format as I personally felt. Recommended by one of my respected professors at Punjabi University, the book kept lying on my shelf for almost six months till I found the courage to pick it up finally. The listed chapters of its contents page always discouraged me to go further as they appeared to be quite uninspiring in the first look with a strange uninteresting sequence. But as they say, I was absolutely wrong in judging the book from its cover only and was simply stunned to read the immensely useful and in-depth references right in its first few pages itself shared in a highly poetic and impressive style along with a sharp wit.
The book is indeed a very engaging and unique account of the writer’s personal life and his love for the ‘Avar’ language. It beautifully describes the people of Daghistaan, their women, the creative artists of the region, the social traditions, their thoughtful psychology and Rasul’s own passionate encounters with existence, explained with numerous fascinating parables and anecdotes, turning it into a highly recommended and exclusive read.
Yet, the reason why I am calling it a unique, never before kind of attempt lies in its extraordinary format (mentioned below), which probably remains the one of its kind only as I strongly feel.
MERA DAGHISTAAN is divided into two parts which is quite common. But what’s really uncommon is the fact that the book actually begins from its second part onwards and the whole first section is just talking about what is going to be there in its next half, introducing a completely novel and unusual pattern (I have never seen before). In other words, Hamzatov begins his book from the second part intentionally and in the entire first half he just discusses about his preparations, language, technique, style and doubts on the content presented further. And when the book actually begins in its Part Two, we get to read much more deep and informative chapters on life accompanied by many famous folklores of Daghistaan in particular.
Now expectedly many friends might find the above mentioned subject matter of the book a bit unexciting and less inviting too. But that’s exactly the mistake I made by not reading it for almost 6 months frankly and by the time I reached its last chapter, MERA DAGHISTAAN easily became one of the most absorbing and pensive books I have read in a long time full of many intelligent, liberal and meditative quotes worth sharing. For instance, here are some chosen insights from the book to inspire you further which might help you to pick it up at the earliest.
“Agar Tum Ateet Par Pistol Se Goli Chalaaoge,
To Bhavishya Tum Par Top Se Goley Barsaayega”
(If you will try to destroy the past firing with a pistol, the future would attack you more severely like shooting from a tank.)
“Astr (Weapon), Jiski Keval Ek Baar Hi Aavyashakta Padey,
Jeevanbhar Apne Saath Rakhna Parhta Hai!
Kavitaayen, Jinhen Jeevanbhar Dohraaya Jaata Hai,
Ek Baar Ji Likhi Jaati Hain!”
(A weapon which might get used only once in life, still needs to be accompanied always. But meaningful verses (poems) which are written only once are recited and remembered repeatedly in a lifetime.)
“Sansaar Ki Srishti Se Ek Sau Baras Pehle……, Kavi Ka Janam Hua”
(The poet was born…………hundred years before the whole universe was created.)
“Heerey Ki Shobha Dekhi Jaati Hai Uske Set Mein……….Insaan Ki Ghar Mein”
(As the beauty of a diamond can be best judged in a well-designed set, a person’s inner beauty can also be estimated by his home.)
“Topi Ki Raksha Wahi Kar Sakega, Jiske Paas Topi Ke Neeche Sar Hai”
(Only that person can protect and maintain the respect of his cap, who has got a head beneath it.)
“Jo Kavitaayen Aasaani Se Likhi Gayi Thi, Unhen Parhna Kathhin Hota Hai,
Aur Jo Kavitaayen Mushkil Se Likhi Gayi Thi, Unhen Parhna Aasaan Hota Hai!”
(The poems written easily are tough to read and the poems penned after great difficulty, become an easy read.)
Describing it in the much famous FACEBOOK language, a reader would find a precious quote in almost every page of this book which he/she can go on using for months to update all those FB statuses. But on a serious note, if you are really interested in reading something exceptionally outstanding, presented in a highly unique format, then go for this classic as a must. Because MERA DAGHISTAAN is a kind of scripture which deserves to be read, understood and contemplated upon repeatedly by every thinking mind loving the artistic expressions of nature, tradition, language, music & poetry. And after experiencing its enriching creative thoughts, you are sure going to recommend it to many of your like minded friends further, whole heartedly.
MERA DAGHISTAAN - By Rasul Hamzatov (8 September 1923 – 3 November 2003)
(A very praise worthy Hindi Translation by Madanlal ' Madhu', published by Rajkamal Prakashan, Delhi.)

(A Doubt: Though the Hindi translation of the book states its writer’s name as Rasul Hamzatov, the writer’s official website mentions it as Rasul Gamzatov and the difference here seems to be a case of confusing pronunciation only.)
For more information on the famous poet, click the following link:
Bobby Sing

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12 Mar 2014 / Comments ( 11 )
Nachhater Singh virk

V. nice story

Bobby Sing

Thanks for visiting and writing in,

Whats the actual name of \"mera daghistaan\" novel.
I means in avar or Russian language???
Bobby Sing

Hi Raman,
Its called MY DAGHESTAN only published in 1970 as its stated at this official page.

Please check at the following link.

Thanks for visiting and writing in,

Jang Bahadur Masih

This is the poetry the poet wrote rather he lived it ever since. A unique and relished experince for the reader.

Bobby Sing

It certainly is a masterpiece Jang Bahadur Masih.
Thanks a lot for visiting and writing in.


Is it available in Punjabi Language too!?
Bobby Sing

Yes it is Harman.
I will try to get it for you.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,

Saleh sheikh
Yesterday i went to visit a book shop for buying some international level literature & i selected two books of molana abul kalam Azad & suddenly one person entered in the book shop who was also looking for a great book & he was looking well mannered & disciplined so i asked him to recommend me the best book & the name came out of his mouth was \"Mera Dagestan\" finally i bought this book & now i have started to read it. The idea came in my mind was that why should I not read it\'s reviews on Google & in this way i reached here & your writing has created more interest for reading this book.
Bobby Sing
Dear Saleh Sheikh, You have certainly made the right choice and I am sure the book would turn out to be a worthy one giving you a new distinctive experience on the subject of motherland and language. Its one of the best books I have ever read as mentioned in the review too. Have a great time reading. Regards
Saleh shaikh
When i started to read this book i searched for its review & Google made me help to reach out to your website & now i am about to complete this book just 7 pages are left & again i am on your page to read its review. I would just say it is candid analysis. The book was really inspiring & Motivational & your review brought more twist in it.
Bobby Sing
Many Thanks Saleh Shaikh, Really glad that you liked the book and its review too. Keep Visiting and Writing in. Cheers!
Gurpinder Singh

Review in punjabi plz

Bobby Sing

Thanks for writing in Gurpinder.
Hope you will understand and agree to the answer given to you on FB.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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