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MERI PYAARI BINDU - Another casual (read boring) filler project just made to feed the multiplexes for their next few days or a week. (Review By Bobby Sing)

12 May, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

Long back I mentioned a term as Filler Projects or Feeder Movies in the present commercial world of Hindi Cinema in my reviews. Explaining it again in short, the term can be used for all the quickie projects made just to fulfill the continuous requirement of exhibitors (multiplex chains) who cannot really survive without multiple constant releases delivered every week. In other words these posh multiplexes desperately need ‘New Releases’ coming each and every Friday to bring in the (high paying) weekend footfall and the big productions houses assure them such projects along with the biggies coming at regular intervals in an year around the major festivals.

So this week’s MERI PYAARI BINDU can easily be considered as one of those quickly and casually made projects that have nothing new to offer either in terms of storyline or performances giving you a clear picture. The film once again revolves around the same old overused plot of a confused relationship between a boy and a girl wherein the boy remains a one side lover throughout and the girl never considers him to be a life-partner. Ending on a sudden and unexpectedly weird note, the film never turns out to be a fresh, enjoyable romantic saga in its entire two hours and even bores you with many unnecessary sequences added just for the sake of nostalgia.
Putting it bluntly, if a film fails to touch your heart despite having immensely relatable references of old Hindi film songs, the era of cassettes & tape recorders, Hind-pulp fiction novels, the cheap erotic literature of those times and more, then one can easily guess how badly it must have messed with such likable insertions in its poorly written script and story progressions.
Completely missing the most important ‘emotional quotient’ in such stories, MERI PYAARI BINDU keeps confusing the viewer with its irregular timelines and overstretched second half ending on a bizarre note. For instance a girl who has been portrayed as a modern, bindaas, fearless and bold character in the entire film, suddenly comes wrapped in a sari as a ‘traditional Indian woman’ and the makers do not find necessary to give any kind of explanations for the same.
At one end, the debutant director Akshay Roy displays a good command over eye-catching presentation capturing Kolkata and the city’s other key features impressively, on the other he doesn’t come up with any similar kind of excellence in the writing and story-execution department, resulting in an unexciting, below average product, exactly as it looked in its promotional campaign.
Parineeti yet again does a typical stereotyped role she is known for and one doesn’t find any kind of freshness in either her looks or performance to be honest. Ayushmann Khurrana too looks the same in a repetitive kind of boy-next-door role adding not much to the film and the supporting cast is just fine without offering anything great to mention here in particular.
In all there are only two positive features in MERI PYAARI BINDU.
One – A few good songs by Sachin-Jigar and the inclusion of many cult classics of the past, also featuring a full length title track taken from Mehmood’s PADOSAN. (However I really don’t understand why they tend to use one or two Punjabi words forcibly in the lyrics sounding so awful?)
Two – For a change, this time we have a private pop-album released by the heroine, failing in the market teaching her a realistic lesson of life. Otherwise we have always seen such albums becoming a huge success in films painting a false picture of reality in front of the unaware viewers.
Ending on a different note, keeping in mind the one-sided affair in the film with a close friend, this can also be called an early version of the HALF GIRLFRIEND instead of MERI PYAARI BINDU.
Rating : 1.5 / 5
BUT continuing my solo drive against the 'Shameless Increase in Ticket Prices' by the multiplexes, will deduct one star for this spineless act which is neither being addressed by anyone in the industry nor the government since last few years.
NET RATINGS : 0.5 / 5

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12 May 2017 / Comment ( 2 )
While watching this constantly movies was coming in my mind, Zor lagake haisha. The nostalgia of cassettes,old classic songs worked in that movie and here an over the top version of the same idea is presented. Although using classic songs in background is not new in our films since last few years. Here in some scenes those songs really works too but in some of the scenes it badly fails. Not so impressed with the climax,just for the sake of different the whole character played by pariniti comes in ? Mark. Nowhere does it seems a one sided affair, when already she accepts the proposal even starts staying together happily untill the failure of the album. Yes one can say that just bcz her album flopped and she couldn\'t pay tribute to her dead beloved mother or couldnt prove herself and still needed time to do so. But here just for the sake of a unhappy climax they have showed her getting married with grown up girl. Ayushman agreed plays always boy next door roles but always manages to convince and do justice to his work.
Bobby Sing
Thanks Mustafa for your detailed comment. Keep Visiting and Writing in, Cheers!
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