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MICHAEL JACKSON : The unparalleled, CZAR of Pop music and Dance on our planet has DEPARTED.

27 Jun, 2009 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

Michael Jackson, a dominant figure known as the KING of Pop Music and Dance all over the globe, left us for his eternal musical journey on June 26, 2009. A Genius of his art, the man was (and is) worshipped as a true master by uncountable number of artists living in different parts of the world. A music magician, who still holds the record of Highest Selling Music Albums, sold in millions till date and still selling. An unbelievable performer, who started the trend of having “Ambulances” arranged at his Show venues, ready to help the over enthusiastic fans who used to faint, screaming and crying at the sight of their Pop Icon.

Overshadowed by the questionable controversies in his final years, MICHAEL was treated almost like a GOD by his lovers in the last century. The unmatchable, Greatest Musical Icon of this planet was forced to live an isolated life and suffered a lot due to the allegations made against him in the new millennium. May be it was the same pain of disrespect and agony which took away the maestro, in an early age of 50 and deprived us from having many more musical gems from the supremo.  

In India and may be in other parts of the world too, Michael was more famous as an amazing dancer with incomparable talent, than a singer. His hit numbers were more recognized for their foot tapping beats and innovative dance steps and less for their lyrical content and singing. Especially, In India and its adjacent countries, he was more worshipped as a Godly Dancer and an incredible performer. The man was responsible for inducing the spirit of dance into numerous artists and performers in this part of the world. Prominent figures in India like, Mithun Chakroborty & Prabhu Deva are the best examples of his celebrity fans immensely inspired from Jackson’s dancing styles.  

Michael was a name, known in even the remote rural areas of our country wherever there was a soul with a passion towards dance and music. Such was the impact and influence of his persona that you could hear his songs playing in the areas where not even the language (English) was properly spoken or understood. But they all just loved listening and dancing to his various chartbuster songs. He was a true inspirational source for all the aspirant artists in the entire world who wanted to move, dance and perform like him on stage. But sadly, this greatest inspiring figure of the world, witnessed an unexpected setback in his final years, which was like a heavy price he had to pay for his earned fame, name and glory.  

For me, Michael was one of the greatest musical geniuses I have ever heard and seen in my life till date. A man who thought of composing and arranging his songs in a completely different style all together, in contrast with the usual music scene at that time. For me, he was just not only an amazing dancer, but was more like a musical soul who liked to think from his heart. A maestro, whose music was his only possible solace in his otherwise over famous life of a world renowned figure. A poet from heart, who could think of lyrics such as “Heal The World”, “The Earth Song” and many others, caring about the current state of our planet and the life-force living on it.  

As I can remember, Michael was the name, who introduced me to English Music arena. His immortal musical gems like “Liberian Girl”, “Bad”, “Thriller” and “The Girl Is Mine”, were the first few English Songs I ever heard. His long vertical poster purchased from the “Archies Gallery” was one the first few, pasted in my room in my school days. In fact, his lovable songs made me search for the English Songs Lyrics books in the late eighties, since I wanted to understand each and every word he sings in his perfect numbers.  

But now he is gone……., leaving us with the legacy of his eternal songs to cherish. The Greatest Icon of Pop Music and Dance ever lived on this planet has departed. But he is sure going to be remembered forever by every present and future artist of this world, irrespective of his location, origin or language.  

And Michael will be always there with us, performing at the tender stage of our hearts with the same zest and zeal……..forever.  

MY FAREWELL to the Master  

May His Soul Rest In Peace.......!

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27 Jun 2009 / Comments ( 10 )
may he Rest in Peace indeed Michael is an absolut legend and i blogged here about his influence on Bollywood

Little known fact ....Michael Jackson was also know as TJ to some of his closest friends which is short for ThrillieJean or ThrillyJean...... a reference to the Thriller/ Billie Jean era of his career.
Great info & resource

Bobby Sing

Thanks Michael.....for sharing this with us.


manish bharwdaj

His achievements are unbelievable. i have seen his stage performance videos where fainted girls r being carried on stretchers. whatever one may write abt him i still find it very less. sometimes i wish if i was born 15 years before my actual birth so that i could live the era of michael jackson even ustad nusrat fateh ali khan and gurdas maan(still on). for me his the greatest entertainer on earth.
Even in india-pakistan semifinal match in mohali, billie jean was being played on every four and six of pakistan innings. i and my brother first time found him with his song \'they dont care about us\' being played in subhash ghai\'s pardes where arjun (shahrukh khan) was playing guitar on this song. his videos just blow you. if u go to orthodox areas u may find people unaware of obama, lady gaga, tom cruise, johnny depp or angelina but they know the dance of mj. his dancing overshadowed his singing but he is a great singer otherwise. man in the mirror, billie jean, wanna be startin somethin , heal the world proves that. he is the most influential person.
Sorry for being lenghty \'i just cant stop writing about him\'.

manish bhardwaj
i think you can put \'this is it\' in \'movies to see before you die\'. it is neither cinema nor documentary but still it is worthy to be seen by everyone. even though its not a conventional movie but i have seen it 5 to 10 times as it is entertaining.
Bobby Sing

Yeah Manish, I will surely add this in the "Movies To See Before You Die" List as it rightly deserves to be there.
Thanks for reminding me.



MICHAEL JACKSON\'s talents are unparalleled. He has such massive talent, star power and magic that no other artist ever had and has. No one comes close. Not Even Elvis. Michael Jackson will live forever. He is the true King of Music. The Greatest Entertainer Ever.

I am sure that many just do not want to admit that Michael is the greatest because of Michael\'s personal issues. He is truly the no.1 Global Icon.

Bobby Sing

Yes he truly is Daniel and the world will keep remembering him as the greatest.
Thanks for visiting and writing your valuable comment.


I am a European lcurrently living in Asia as an expat. I am well and truly delighetd that MJ is very much loved too in this part of the pplanet, same as where I come from.

I agree with Daniel - MJ has overshadowed Elvis by a vast margin.

MJ reigns as the greatest signature artist this world has ever seen not just because of his massively exceptional raw talent, but because he was able to package his talents in a whole new way that the world has never seen before. In both form and content, Jackson simply did what no one else had done before.

MJ is the greatest entertainer of all time.

Bobby Sing

Thanks HarryRR for visiting and writing in.
Hope you would like the other articles at the site too.

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