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MIRROR GAME (Hindi-English) - An interesting attempt but not exciting & engaging enough, confusingly made for two distinctive kinds of audience using a mixed lingo. (Review By Bobby Sing)

03 Jun, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

As the debut venture of writer-director Vijit Sharma, this can frankly be rated as a decent first time attempt dealing with a complex subject of Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder conceived in an unconventional format without any interval or any typical song and dance numbers (usually seen in such type of mystery-crime-thrillers).

But unfortunately that remains the only merit of MIRROR GAME, as otherwise it isn’t any highly engaging or exciting psychological mystery that brings you onto the edge of your seats heading towards a shocking climax. Revolving around its limited characters throughout, the film keeps progressing at the same calm pace right till the end and never throws any interesting twist in the script pulling the viewers in. 

Besides the big loopholes, the performances too are not able to lift up the film in any manner ranging from below average to average. Despite completely focusing on his lead character, Parvin Dabas doesn’t add anything significant through his otherwise fine act. Both Omi Vaidya and Pooja Batra have only small cameos to play contributing nothing. Sneha Ramachander as the detective is just there performing the task assigned whereas Dhruv Bali as the student successfully manages to stand out in his first film.
Shot in the style of a western suspense thriller, MIRROR GAME actually gets caught in the trap of satisfying two completely distinctive kind of audience with a mixed lingo. At one end the writer-director (most probably living abroad) tries to cater the western audience with an extensive use of English visualizing it as an English film. And on the other, adds Hindi in it too, in order to release it in India willing to woo the Indian audience. As a result the film remains hanging in the mid and fails to satisfy any particular section of viewers following a faulty or rather greedy vision.
Summing up, no doubt MIRROR GAME lacks a lot in terms of casting, execution and questionable language used underestimating its target audience. But at the same time Vijit does show some sparks as a writer-director capable of making a much better film too giving him the deserving credit.
One of those films which you might find ‘just okay -  one time watch’ catching on a TV channel very soon without spending any extra bucks.
Rating : 2 / 5

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