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MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT (English) - The outstanding action, stunts, camera, sound, BGM and an unbelievable Cruise makes it an explosive big screen experience that should not be missed. (Review by Bobby Sing)
27 Jul, 2018 | Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases

Sixth film in the franchise and the second directed by Christopher McQuarrie, FALL OUT is probably going to be rated amongst the best in the series, as an action-packed thriller with many jaw dropping moments offered in its stunt sequences. Yes, the film does have its own share of minuses, but those luckily fall way short of the plusses, resulting in a worth watching film that truly deserves to be seen as a big screen experience.

Stating the drawbacks first, the one thing that really comes as a big downer in a spy or suspense film is the use of face-masks to fake a different identity that always makes it too superficial as well as terrible in terms of writing. It’s like if no other option is there, let’s go for a face-mask. Secondly FALLOUT becomes completely filmy taking too many cinematic liberties towards the overstretched end, both in terms of believable action as well as the inclusion of a nuclear bomb ticking, which we have already seen several times before in many thrillers revolving around the bomb or its components stolen by the international mafia.

So FALLOUT actually doesn’t work or impress at the writing level, but makes a far better impact through its action and other technical departments that doesn’t really allow you to remain stuck with the above mentioned drawbacks. 
Moving over the fair criticism, this is a film that truly makes you wonder at the unbelievable personal efforts put in by Tom Cruise (performing the dangerous stunts), who is in his mid-50s and could have easily refused it all taking the advantage of being one of the last Hollywood superstars still active and enjoying a massive fan following. 
But Cruise decided to go for it instead and what he does in his various actions sequences riding a high-speed motorbike, running long distances with full force, leaping from one terrace to another, hanging from a helicopter and more (seriously hurting himself too) is nothing less than a blessed miracle, that deserves to be applauded wholeheartedly giving a standing ovation.
Living to the tremendous hype, FALLOUT scores the maximum in its action, stunts, cinematography, sound and background music, that simply makes you forget its otherwise routine plot and a highly clichéd climax. The superbly-executed sequences coming at regular intervals never let you think otherwise providing the expected thrilling adrenaline rush as promised.
Solely focusing on its lead star, it never gives any chance to anyone featuring in the supporting cast performing equally well. But then they probably were never interested to engage the viewers through any performances or fresh storyline as it seems to be. The film purely stresses on action (presented in a never before kind of marvelous style) and turns out to be highly engrossing watch for the same even at an unusual length of about 150 minutes.
In short, it’s a knockout film, especially for the viewers interested in some amazing, mind blowing action and of course Tom Cruise. Personally speaking, besides Cruise, I honestly loved the Background Score the most and the superb use of Bongo beats in it is forcing me to go for a repeat viewing just to experience the BGM again.
Rating : 3.5 / 5 (with a standing ovation for the unbelievable efforts put in by Tom Cruise along his director and their exceptional technical team)

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