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MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - Rogue Nation (English) - Not an epic, but does deliver the expected excellence as the fifth presentation of the series in parts. (Review By Bobby Sing)

09 Aug, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

On a Friday with more than 3 new releases, I luckily watched the film in its dubbed Hindi version and was surprised to see the theater occupancy more than 3 times from that of the new Hindi film released on the same day. But what gave me a much bigger (pleasant) shock was the fact that it was a single screen theater DELITE, situated close to Darya Ganj area of Delhi far away from the multiplex culture. And still there were whistles, shouts and claps as soon as Tom Cruise came on screen with an electrifying action sequence in the first 5 minutes of the film only fulfilling the huge expectations. No doubt, a clear indication of the general public becoming much more aware and interested in watching quality cinema instead of any usual stuff offered by the Hindi films.
As a fifth presentation in the series with no linkages as such with the previous parts, MI5-ROUGE NATION makes a brilliant start and then follows an uneven pace before the forced intermission (as per Indian norms) with only a few exciting (but not mind-blowing) sequences coming at gaps. However the film delivers some worth experiencing action and chase sequences in its second half, especially the bike chase bringing you on to the edge of your seats through an excellent execution. No doubt director Christopher McQuarrie successfully maintains the basic essence of the ‘brand name’ throughout its two hours of duration. Yet the film doesn’t give you any of those nail-biting moments where you don’t really know what is going to happen next in terms of any suspense or mystery involved. In short, it’s the fast paced script-developments in the second hour that largely save the film making a decent impression despite being too convenient and not so innovative in the heist sequences.
As the lead, Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt, the IMG (Impossible Missions Force) agent superbly deserving applause and it’s his film all the way right from the first scene to the last. Sean Harris makes an impact with a flat face head of 'The Syndicate' and so does Rebecca Ferguson who simply looks great in her fiery sequences. Simon Pegg keeps providing the lighter moments that work and Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner, Alec Baldwin are just fine in their valuable supporting acts. The background score and cinematography certainly contributes a lot in its key sequences. Plus the witty one-liners and characterization has been worked upon well too.
In all, MI5 - Rogue Nation is not an epic but still manages to provide that expected thrilling experience in parts. So you can surely watch it once as one of the better sequels of the series, especially for the motorbike chase, Rebecca and Tom Cruise in particular.

Rating : 3 / 5

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