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MISSION ISTAANBUL - A stylish branded Mannequin with no soul. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

04 Aug, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

In recent times we have seen many movies with “A Great Look”, “Lavish Stunts” and giving good vibes before the release. And when we see the movie, it seems to be having no soul with only a good body with branded clothes. Its like a Mannequin, stylishly dressed, standing in the show-window but having no soul, no life in it.

That’s how we should describe Mission Istaanbul. Few months back, same was the case with “CASH” & “TASHAN”. Director Apporva Lakhia has made films which are always good in parts and are shot brilliantly, but they lack in the scripting department. In MI also there are only stunts shot lavishly and too many action sequences without any base in the script. The movie revolves around a very thin plotline of a News Agency / Channel which is also the headquarters of the Terrorists activities. And one hero goes out to set them straight with the help of another. The entire star cast acts as they are featuring in a great action trendsetter movie, but i bet they themselves must have guessed after the preview that it was all going to be a disaster.
There is simply nothing to talk about or discuss as a reviewer. The film lacks in most of its departments from scripting stage to the acting. Its just a time pass action flick and that too for the smaller centers. At times these kind of movies make you think that how much resources, efforts and hard work goes in vain when the makers come up with such final products having excellent body but with no life in it.
Its time our filmmakers should move ahead and stop wasting resources on mindless action flicks. Mission Istaanbul is a disappointment for the viewers as it had good promos but no content in the final product.
Ratings : 1 / 5

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