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MOH MAAYA MONEY - Such immature and outdated crime-deceit drama in the present times could have only been made by a team not well familiar with many crime mystery films or (Hindi/English) novels to be straight. (Review By Bobby Sing)

26 Nov, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / M

When you are making a crime-deceit drama in the year of 2016, then you obviously need to keep in mind the present technological and scientific developments in the field of investigations and then carefully pen down a script wherein a crime is planned taking good care of the same leaving the minimum loopholes.
(Clear Spoilers Ahead)
However what can one say about a film releasing in the present era made on the decades old outdated plot of ‘his own death’ staged by a person in heavy debts for his insurance money. And further focuses on a supposedly clever hero too, who doesn’t even bother to find a person or body of his same blood group to be presented before the police and insurance agents as a proof of his own death. Also here is a film, where we don’t even have any official or detective interested in investigating the unusual death (involving a completely burnt body) coming from the insurance company and then such an intelligent hero who even casually goes to a mortuary asking for a body without hiding his own identity. Moreover the man dares to return to the town too visiting his own apartment (post the staged death) without any disguise whatsoever, probably considering himself as the invisible man coming straight from the novel of H. G. Wells.
Wasting its entire first half on the build-ups and detailed introductory sequences that could have been easily edited in the opening 20-25 minutes, MOH MAYA MONEY actually begins just before the interval and then simply fails to make an impact the moment you come to know what the mystery is actually all about.
No doubt we have some fine performances from the lead (Ranvir/Neha) and supporting cast in this song-less crime thriller that might appeal to the viewers who don’t really care for the clues left or are interested in solving the mystery themselves. But for the ones who are die-hard fans and regular readers or followers of this particular genre, the film is going to be nothing more than a kids play to be honest.
Praising the debutant director Munish Bhardwaj for building a realistic (Delhi) feel throughout extracting mostly natural performances following a non-linear narrative, it was really shocking to see how he carelessly handled the mystery and completely ignored the simple loopholes in a crime plan executed in such an amateurish manner.
Overall, you can surely go for MOH MAYA MONEY as a casual time pass watch catching it on a television channel, but its certainly not going to be any amusing film for the friends, seriously into this particular genre of crime and mystery thrillers. May be we will get to see a much better film from Munish as his next project specifically taking care of its writing department.
Rating : 1.5 / 5  
Note : The outdated subject strongly reminds you of hit films like Billy Wilder’s DOUBLE INDEMNITY that came more than seven decades back in the year 1944.

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26 Nov 2016 / Comment ( 2 )

Even though bad film full of unrealistic events and loopholes... ranvir manages to convince the audience and make feel the fear.
Cant compare this with titli..but still ranvir\'s job done.

Bobby Sing

Ranvir is truly one of the most reliable actors mostly let down by the writers.
Hope he gets some path breaking role soon in the upcoming films.


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