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MONSOON SHOOTOUT - A below average crime thriller with an interesting, experimental plot as its only merit. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)
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Completed and screened at Cannes Film Festival way back around 2013, this is a perfect example of how DESTINY turns the table with time and a film manages to get release due to a supporting actor instead of its leading hero after a gap of four long years.

The fact gets a visible support as MONSOON SHOOTOUT releases with newly designed posters wherein the not so prominent negative character of the film (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) gets bigger and the actual hero (Vijay Verma) gets smaller as per their present status in the industry or business equation.

However being a weak project, the film is not going to work in favour of anyone as it seems due to the reasons given in the detailed review available at the link given below.

Moreover showcasing three different outcomes of the same event it also remains a highly inspired theme making you recall much better films from the World Cinema as GROUNDHOG DAY (English/1993), RUN LOLA RUN (German/1998), SLIDING DOORS (English/1998), MELINDA AND MELINDA (English/2004) and more.

Interestingly Vikram Bhatt also vaguely tried to adapt the same theme in his film BHAAG JOHNY (as a writer) released in 2015 directed by Shivam Nair,
Rating : 2 / 5
The detailed review of MONSOON SHOOTOUT by Bobby Sing can be read at the following link @UCNews app/portal.

(Can be accessed at mobile app, mobile browser as well as on other internet browsers and devices too)

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