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MUGHAL-E-AZAM in Delhi - A not to be missed extraordinary cinematic expression presented LIVE on stage. (An overview by Bobby Sing)

10 Sep, 2017 | Articles on Cinema

K.Asif’s immortal classic MUGHAL-E-AZAM that was actually conceived in the mid-40s was originally based on a play written by Imtiaz Ali, and after 70 years the idea surprisingly returns back to the stage again completing an amazing circle of life stunning one and all.
I am not aware how director Feroz Abbas Khan thought of this exciting concept of staging K. Asif’s epic creation in such a fabulous manner. But it’s really great that he did, and then was able to rope in an incredibly talented cast ensemble and an outstanding professional crew too resulting in a never before kind of mesmerizing musical stage show transporting the viewers to an entirely different world altogether.
To give you an idea, with more than 70 artists performing on stage and hundreds of them operating in the backdrop handling magnificent creative sets, innovative lightning, adorable costumes and brilliant sound designing, this goes way beyond what one imagines going through the pictures, videos and news-coverage given by the media.
In other words, with this new-age version of MUGHAL-E-AZAM (including some fresh inserts), the director and his team redefine ‘Stage Art/Presentation’ in India setting a new benchmark that will be difficult to surpass in the coming times. And for that both National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA-Mumbai) and Shapoorji Pallonji group (the producer of the original film) also deserve a big roaring applause contributing in the magic created.
Describing the show, it’s a grand Broadway theater kind of musical, using the dialogues and the well-made versions of original songs from the film sung live. Read again, sung LIVE in such a flawless manner that you repeatedly feel like asking that are these lead girls really singing on the stage and not lip-syncing? The spectacular Kathak dance sequences performed by about 30 trained dancers on stage together, create some jaw-dropping visuals, especially in the song ‘Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya’. And you hear a huge cheer from the crowd after every spellbinding sequence many times in its entire duration of around 135 minutes. More importantly, for the friends willing to know, there is no one aping any particular person from the film and the show remains an original creation paying its utmost respect to the vision of the one and only K.Asif.
In short, the unexpected grandeur of the show truly gives you a never-before kind of theater experience in India and no-doubt it had every show houseful in Mumbai before coming to Delhi unanimously winning over the entire film fraternity there.
On the flip side, its ticket prices cost a bomb ranging from Rs.500/1000 for the very last rows to Rs.10,000 for the very first. Yes, the huge expenditure involved in its staging surely demands such prices in order to reach the break even. But with this kind of price-structure, the show frankly remains only accessible for the affluent class of the society, not affordable for even the higher-middle class. So if you can buy the tickets in thousands then it is very fine, but if not then I would suggest going for anything in the range of 500-1500 and trying witnessing this rare achievement by the team making every Indian proud.
Besides, comparisons are bound to be there particularly coming from the people who had seen the original film in the theaters at the time of its release in 1960. But to that, I would say go ahead - do compare and I re-assure, that you would be coming out saying,
“Feroz and his entire talented team has not let down K. Asif, Shapoorji Pallonji and everyone associated with one of the most celebrated film of Indian Cinema – MUGHAL-E-AZAM!
So if you love ART and wish to experience magic happening on stage reviving the golden era of Hindi cinema in a mind-boggling manner, then simply don’t miss this at any cost and just go for it.

(The show is being performed at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium’s Auditorium from 9-17 September and its tickets are available online at bookmyshow. However in case you have already seen it in Mumbai or Delhi, then do share your valuable views in the comments and inspire many others.)
(The article was also featured in UC-News Mobile App in September 2017)

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