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MUMBAI POLICE (2013 - Malayalam) - A refreshingly different and worth watching take on cop-bonding & memory loss, much ahead than the routine Hindi films. (Review By Bobby Sing)

03 Jun, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases / Movies To See Before You Die / Suspense / Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi)

Before moving on to the praises, let me first clear out a few doubts about the film’s title and its basic theme which in turn would help the viewers to enjoy this worth applauding effort made with a different perspective, positively.

Firstly, though the film is titled MUMBAI POLICE, it has nothing to with Mumbai cops in any detailed manner yet uses the phrase in a very interesting style redefining the friendly relationships within the cops. But just don’t take it as another routine movie depicting the clashes between the police and mafia gangs as usual. Since here is a film which talks about cop-bonding and their on-duty experiences with an entirely different and fresh approach, not normally seen in films based on Police, in particular.
Secondly, it is suggested that don’t read anything in details about its basic plot before watching it and simply do all your analyses post witnessing the film’s bold & unexpected climax. Because only then you would be able to enjoy it more with all its twists, turns and shocks being revealed without any prior information or indication.
Thirdly, this is no masala movie, as many might be thinking looking at its title and the publicity designs. To prove the point, defying all set rules of our Indian Cinema, the film has three strong lead heroes but no female lead to add that routine glamour with some songs. The project has a taut, focused and brilliantly written screenplay having all the elements to keep you glued right till the final scene making many unexpectedly shocking revelations.
Coming up as one of the best crime-thriller scripts of the recent times MUMBAI POLICE engrossingly incorporates murder-mystery, memory loss and friendship too in a well narrated form with some superb performances. And for this both the director Roshan Andrrews and his writers Bobby-Sanjay deserve all the appreciation for thinking out of the box in such a convincing way, despite touching a controversial issue in the end, teasing the conventional regional scenario.
MUMBAI POLICE straight comes to the point in its first scene itself and then offers some extremely positive and well worked upon performances daring led by Prithviraj. The actor agreed to do an unconventional role (which many might not dare to) and delivers a very clever and polished act of a cop reinvesting the case which he has already solved once. Jayasurya and Rahman remain the other two strong pillars of the film along with the entire supporting cast emoting well. Plus MUMBAI POLICE makes a tight grip over the viewer through its brightly conceived visuals and a racy background score becoming another highlight of the film right from its first frame.
As some avoidable downers, it does leave some unanswered questions in the end dealing with the final twist. But the convincing execution doesn’t let you think hard on the same and successfully manages to leave a solid impression, mainly due to the terrific chemistry between the three characters on screen, representing MUMBAI POLICE.
In short, this is the welcome change we desperately need in our Indian Cinema presently, when real scripts prove to be the actual hero of a project, without forcing any commercial elements into it ruining the overall impact. With MUMBAI POLICE Malayalam Cinema has taken this positive step forward and I hope Hindi Cinema will surely take its much awaited lessons too, at the earliest. So do watch this well made entertaining thriller and see how good scripts can spell magic on the screen, irrespective of any star, language or region.
Rating : 4 / 5
(And since in India we havent really made many outstanding films based on crime investigations and that too incorporating police and memory loss together, hence I would like to add MUMBAI POLICE in my Movies To See Before You Die list too for its exceptional script and execution.)

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03 Jun 2014 / Comments ( 4 )
A Desai
Just finished watching it. What a masterpiece! Thanks for recommending this.
Bobby Sing

Glad that you are watching these regional gems and enjoying them too.
So keep visiting as there is lot more to be shared and cherished.



Watched the dvd (with subtitles) with family on sunday. Extra ordinary. Thanks for recommending. Suspense is superb.
How is Abar Byomkesh - the bengali film?

Bobby Sing

Hi Kumar,
Glad to know that you loved watching the film and enjoyed the suspense too.
However about the Bengali film, I haven't seen it yet,
But if it would be worth watching then I will surely share it here as always spreading the good word.

So do keep visiting and writing in,

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