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MUNNA MICHAEL - They neither respect, pay or try new talented writers nor stop making films on the same old rotten plots. (Beyond The Review By Bobby Sing)
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Shared below are views - Beyond the initial review with more interesting insights.
Yet again exploring the same old plot of a love triangle involving a gangster, MUNNA MICHAEL actually had a novel element of ‘Dance classes to the Don” that could have been its major highlight taking care of the entertainment factor. But quite strangely the director begins with the same and then finishes it off in the first 40 minutes itself moving on to all clichéd insertions simply forgetting about the ‘Dance and Don angle’ resulting in a poor product.
A similar triangle was also there in Shahid Kapur’s R… RAJKUMAR (2013) but perhaps we will never stop making films on the ages old repetitive plots. As a matter of fact, this certainly is an amazing industry, where neither they respect, pay or give deserving chances to new talented writers nor stop making films on the same old rotten plots. 
So just give it a skip and catch it soon in a few weeks on an online portal.
Ratings : 1.5 / 5

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