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MURDER 2 - Movie Review : Did they take the rights of the Korean thriller 'THE CHASER' or just copied it shamelessly as per the old Bhatt camp's tradition? (Review by Bobby Sing)
08 Jul, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / M

Its 2011, the age of information and world connectivity at your handsets, but the Bhatts remain the same good old Bollywood film-makers who don’t feel any shame or hesitation in copying from the World Cinema at all. With MURDER 2, the decades old tradition of Bhatt Camp continues, taking it all (from the first frame to the last) from an engrossingly well made Korean Thriller called “THE CHASER” released in 2008.

In short, the director and his writer take 90% ingredients for their over-cooked script from the Korean Film. Then they add a love-sex angle to it as a mandatory clause of Hindi Film-making technique. To make it more spicier, they bring in some eunuch characters into the narration with the get-up earlier used in their own films, SANGHURSH (by Ashutosh) and SADAK (by Sadashiv). And further, sprinkling it with a few emotional sequences talking about some broken families, they are ready with their latest flick MURDER 2, taking advantage of the brand name already established by their earlier Hit MURDER.
As I have realised, many of my reader friends here would like to say that, “We don’t really care if it’s a copy or not, so cut out the allegation crap and just let us know whether the movie is good or bad and that’s it.”
In answer to that I would only like to say that MURDER 2 is an Open Creative Theft made by the Bhatt camp in this current age of world-wide-web. Now, a theft remains a theft, whether done carelessly or with utmost care and devotion. Even if it happens to be a too good movie (which fortunately it isn’t), still it remains a Shameless Robbery of any other person’s creative work and nothing else. And I am simply not interested in writing a detailed review of a copied movie, wasting all my efforts and precious time on such disgraceful act.
However, for all my friendly readers, who are willing to know more about Cinema in details, I would like to present this movie as a fine lesson in learning few important things about Bollywood Film-making style. Though for a better understanding, one must have seen its Original Film “THE CHASER” in order to make the comparison easier. But still, I would try to explain the points here to the best of my ability:
1. Bollywood film-maker’s biggest problem is that we still are not sure of what genre we are dealing in while making a film. The current MURDER 2 copies a fast paced cruel bloody Korean thriller “THE CHASER” which solely talks about a serial killer, murdering all the girls in the flesh trade. He is being tracked by a detective turned pimp whose all girls are disappearing one after another. The film starts and ends just around this one single track and has no-unwanted scenes in between talking about something else. In simple words, it’s a Bloody Suspense Thriller and it remains a bloody suspense thriller throughout.
But MURDER 2 not even remains a thriller in its more than 2 hours of duration. There is an added track in it of a beautiful model girl who is in love with the hero as Love essentially has to be there like sugar or salt in a dish. There are many unwanted eunuchs and unmoving stories of broken families inserted into it which were not required at all. The soundtrack has surprisingly all love songs in a CRIME THRILLER movie like a variety served on the dinner table by its makers. And lastly as usual in the end the hero saves the heroine from the serial killer which is all added as per the normal Bollywood procedure followed by the Hindi film-makers.
2. Secondly in this new age of fresh creative minds, we still follow double standards in showing the characters of our male and female leads. Now in the original flick the lead character or the hero is an ex- dirty detective turned Pimp dealing in girl trade, who is searching for his missing girls. But in our Hindi version the hero becomes an ex-Cop turned detective looking for the serial killer as his private assignment. So the writers give a certain amount of respect to their Lead Male character played by Emraan Hashmi in the film.
But on the other hand MURDER 2 has a sexy-model character played by Jacqueline Fernandez, who simply has no definite role in the movie but is added only to be exploited as a female body. I really couldn’t understand why this Sri Lankan beauty readily signed this film (may be for an instant fame), because she is only there to shed off her clothes on the screen and nothing else. In fact, I doubt she has more scenes of taking off her clothes than her total dialogues in the film. Truly speaking, the girl is just there to fulfill the responsibility of being the heroine of a film called MURDER 2. And she very sincerely delivers all the goods expected from her in the sequel.
So the point here is that at one end the makers give a certain kind of respect to their male Hero by changing him from a Pimp to a Cop-Detective. But on the other hand the female lead in the film is only used to show her skin and bring in more initial crowds in the theater as expected from the title of the film. That’s the double standard mind-set Bollywood actually works in. As a matter of fact that is also the cruel truth of our deceptive society too which deals with men and women differently.
3. Thirdly after watching both the movies, you will have a clear idea of what it means by the term “Added Sub Plots” which in most of the cases ruin the real essence of a film. In this case too, where the original keeps walking on a single track and never gets distracted from its basic storyline of A Chaser, its Hindi copy keeps wandering between its various added subplots which could have been easily avoided. Frankly speaking we can't even stick to a basic storyline even when its all copied from another brilliant source. But then without adding all those steamy scenes how could you call it MURDER 2. In other words, if it’s a sequel of Murder then sex has to be there as a pre-requisite.
4. Lastly and more importantly, if you even copy the idea for the Poster of your film along with its script then I wonder what the whole team actually may have done as far as creativity is concerned in this project. Here the makers of MURDER 2 not only copy their whole film from the Korean Original scene to scene, but they also copy their posters from a Danish film called “Antichirst” released in 2009 and a Korean film "Bad Guy or Nabbeun Namja" which came in 2001 & a Korean Film “Bad Guy” released in 2001. Now that’s really a great amount of research done by the team.
Summing up, with MURDER 2, the Bhatt camp continues to try for their next box office success in Hindi Cinema by taking the credit of all the hard work done by someone else residing in a different part of the globe far away……and they have really mastered this shameful act of “Art of Inspiration” by now. (However, I would love to be surprised with the impossible news that they actually did buy the rights this time.)
Ratings : No Ratings as it’s an Unofficial Rip-Off which ruins the magic of watching its Original.

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08 Jul 2011 / Comments ( 12 )
After reading your reviews, I read Tarun Adarsh and Raja Sen. Sadly Raja Sen is highly less informed and have almost no sense of judging flicks where as Tarun Adarsh is known more for having totall butterly attitude. His favorism is quite transparent and that makes him Dhrutrashtra of Indian Film Industry. I strongly suggest you to start a side column in your site where you can brilliantly quote your remarks on the reviews given by all other Film Critics.
You are not biased nor blinded by production houses to speak their languages, besides for many its thick money profession which seizes them to learn further, but for you its a passion and passion can learn faster and more effectively, irrespective of being defied or denied by any kind of Dronacharya\'s
Bobby Sing

Thanks Vinay Ji for your kind thoughtful words......That even gives me more joy and energy to keep doing my work with the same passion and dedication....

And I will surely try my best always.

Thanks once again & Cheers!



I want to tell that all your plagiarism and inspiration are correct but in the M category you have mentioned Mohra copied from Death Wish 3. Actually mohra is a scene to scene copy from Death Wish 4: The crackdown and last scene from hard boiled not from Death Wish 3.
And check out whether vinay pathak is right when he said kali ganga (1990) is a remake of black rain.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Arjun for the correction and the BLACK RAIN update.
I will surely look into it and get back.

Till then Keep Visiting and writing in.


Do you think all the copies from Bhatt are bad? and Aamir Khan \'s long list of rip-offs (which incidentally started with Bhatt) seems to survive the critics and gets praises- Ghajini.
I remember in the 90\'s film magazines having interviews of directors mentioning the \'originals\' of their films/songs but never seem to credit those in the film itself like mann. Have you come across those?
Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
In answer to your comment, first I would like to request you to please go through the "Inspired Movies List Section at my site" which has a lot to tell about Inspired Hindi Movies.
Secondly, yes all copied movies by many are not at all bad, but the directors and the makers along with their film do loose a lot of respect when the viewer comes to know that what he was enjoying in the theater was all copied from somebody elses movie.



Hi Bobby Ji

Finally watched The Chaser around 4:00 AM and what a thrilling experience it was. After a long long time watched a wonderful thriller. This one is going to stay with me for a long time.

I have decided to give a miss to M2 as I do not have courage to see how Bhatts have fucked this great film.

Bobby Sing

Hi Shaktikapoorfan,

Good you saw "THE CHASE" and enjoyed it.
However you must see "MURDER 2" as written in my review if you want to study the art of making a weaker film after geting inspired from a better one.


phalguni padhi

Sir, you seem to be a disciple of osho....yet you criticize copying.
You should see the views of osho on copying..............or u can listen to MTV coke stodio which is nothing but copying of old superhits songs by new singers,but the younger generation is introduced to such gems like"tu mane ya na mane" by wadali brothers.

How many indianswould have seen the korean film?????

Bobby Sing

Hi Phalguni,
My answer to your comment is right there in my review and further if you wish to read more comments of friends on this then you can join me at FACEBOOK and can see the discussion.

Thanks for writing in and Keep Visiting.


Bobby Sing

Explaining the borrowed movies in a different manner, I would like to add that,

"Suppose a Lady of the House is being appreciated by all guests a lot afer a fabulous dinner party with delicious food. Now what will be the state of that Lady when suddenly the secret gets revealed that the food was actually brought in from a near by Restaurant."

Just Think and then decide on your own Phalguni.


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