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Madan Mohan, Lata Mangeshkar & Naushad Saab - A Great Way of Appreciation (Did You Know - 9)

06 May, 2009 | Articles on Cinema / Did You Know!

                 Madn Mohan, Naushad & Lata - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

Whenever lovers of Hindi Film Music, talk about Ghazals in Hindi Cinema then only one person comes to the mind. He is the great and legendary composer “Madan Mohan” and he is rightly given the “Khitaab” of “Ghazal Maestro ” in Hindi Film Music unanimously.
Madan Mohan (Kohli) - the unforgettable composer had a blessed association with the melody queen, Lata Mangeshkar. This combination resulted in many memorable songs & ghazals which are still considered among the best creations in musical history of our country.  
Madan Mohan & Lata Ji -  Bobby Talks Cinema.comOnce O. P Nayyar had spontaneously exclaimed, “It’s hard to decide whether God created the voice of Lata Mangeshkar for the compositions of Madan Mohan or vice - versa.”
There was one great song from these two masters in the film “Anpadh”. Lata ji singing, “Aap ki nazron ne samjha pyar ke qabil mujhe”, the haunting composition of Madan Mohan can easily be included in the top ten list of the duo.
When this song was recorded, then Naushad Saab heard the song and said a few words which could only come from a true appreciator of good music.
Naushad saab was spellbound after hearing this glorious ghazal and he said,
“Give me this Ghazal & take all my compositions in exchange.”
Simply Adorable.

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