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"Main Woh Bala Hun Jo Sheeshey Se Patthar Ko Torh Dun" - The famous dialogue was surprisingly said by a writer-actor-director in the 60s. - By Bobby Sing (Did You Know - 90)

04 May, 2017 | Did You Know!

At times or rather more often it’s the one liners given to a villain that become hugely famous among the public like the iconic dialogues of Gabbar Singh in the cult SHOLAY, Lion in the trendsetting ZANZEER, Mogambo in the all-time entertainer MR. INDIA and many more.
However in this unique instance, the said shady dialogue was not rendered by Prem Chopra for the very first time in a film as per the common belief. But it was assigned to a reputed writer-actor-director playing the lead in one of his most successful film, which is sure going to be surprising enough for even the hardcore Hindi movie buffs unarguably.
The revelation came to me when we were recently watching two cult Hindi classics in Delhi's REGAL single screen theater (on the last day of its operations) and I was truly amazed to hear the dialogue for the first time, despite having repeatedly seen the film in the past for its melodious songs and performances at regular intervals.
Giving you the amazing fact, the dialogue “Main Woh Bala Hun Jo Sheeshey Se Pathhar Ko Torh Dun” was said by RAJ KAPOOR in SANGAM (1964 - dialogues by Inder Raj Anand), when he gets to meet Rajendra Kumar once again coming back from the war-front giving him a pleasant shock.
And before him (returning back to the villains), the same line was also given to JEEVAN in the film CHANDNI CHOWK released in 1954 with dialogues by Kamil Rashid.
Interestingly, hearing the dialogue in the theater I alarmingly realized that how we all must have been missing many such crucial one liners watching the cult classics on the small screens of our TVs, laptops, tablets and phones along with multi-tasking. So next time we got to watch such gems without doing anything else at all paying our complete attention.
(With a big thanks to Sri Ganti for the valuable info of Chandni Chowk).

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