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Make Way For Tomorrow (1937) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama) : The film which was adapted by \"Baghban\" after 66 years as its subject was still relevant to our present developed world society.

08 Sep, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / B / Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

A movie made way back in 1937 revolving around an emotional family drama may not appear to be inviting or exciting for most of the people reading this article. The response is obvious as it needs a lot of patience as well as passion to opt for a 73 years old black and white movie in this present fast paced monetary world. The same was the case with me too as I was also pretty reluctant to watch the classic due to its uninteresting theme and old age status.

BUT within 15 minutes of watching this masterpiece I realized my mistake as I knew that I was witnessing one of the most emotional, lovable and socially relevant movie made ever in the history of world cinema. A film, which talks about the old age people and their last dependent days in the most expressive manner ever. A film which brilliantly showcases the pain received from their own flesh and blood, in their final years. And a film, which undoubtedly can still be crowned as the BEST MOVIE made on the subject even after more than 70 years of its making.
In simple words, I would like to rate “Make Way For Tomorrow” as one of the TOP 10 English Movies made on the theme of love and family values. And you just have to watch it at the earliest to feel why it deserves all those praises showered upon the creation in the above lines.
Interestingly Leo McCarey, the director of the movie very smartly knew about the value of the masterpiece he had crafted in the year 1937. And he was very right in believing in it as his finest film. But surprisingly the jury awarded him the BEST DIRECTOR OSCAR in 1937 for his other movie “The Awful Truth” which had also released in the same year.

So while accepting his BEST DIRECTOR TROPHY on the stage, he said “Thanks, but you gave it to me for the wrong picture”.

“Make Way For Tomorrow” is a story of an elderly couple (superbly played by Victor Moore and Beulah Bondi), who after losing their old house are forced to live separately with their own children in different states. There are many well directed and realistically enacted scenes in the film, which will make you smile and cry both at the same time. And that I suppose is the best way to express love for each other in the old age when you feel like crying at your own helpless state and also smile for still being loved by your companion at that very moment.
The film was based on the novel “The Years Are So Long” by Josephine Lawrence, and it was later adapted in Bollywood by Ravi Chopra for his Amitabh-Hema starrer “Baghban” in the year 2003 and before that by Ravi Tandon in “Zindagi” (1976).

Now here it’s both shocking as well as shameful for our current modern society that the plot which was relevant long ago in the year 1937, still remains equally relevant and in existence in the year 2010 after more than seven decades. The news of disrespecting the old parents and leaving them to live on their own can still be heard in our surroundings and that’s the reason why so many Old Age homes have suddenly cropped up in the last few years.

So, hoping the movie may bring some change to our modern thinking patterns and living styles, I would like to recommend it to my every reader from any age group to see this classic masterpiece as soon as possible taking time out of their busy daily schedules.

And I would fondly like to end this with a quote of ORSON WELLES about the movie, in which he described it as, “A movie that could make a stone cry”.
Directed By Leo McCarey
Starring : Victor Moore, Beulah Bondi, Thomas Mitchell and more

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08 Sep 2010 / Comments ( 4 )

I agree with you. Someone told me about this movie, but I had the same initial reaction as you. Again, like you, after watching a few minutes I too was drawn to the characters.

ps: Though I am not Indian, my wife and I enjoy watching movies from India.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Esteban for your visit and kind comment.

Hope you would like to visit the site again for some more interesting info like this.



Zindagi (1976) was also an inspiration for Baghban. Sanjeev kumar and Mala Sinha were better as well.

never understood how big b is better than Sanjeev Kumar or even Kamal Hassan (who has been doing paa ,black kind of roles for decades) and Aamir Khan.

Big B is the Best Superstar but actor of last millenium??

The film "naya din nayi raat " had Sanjeev Kumar in 9/10 roles and there was "koshish" from Gulzar where Sanjeev and Jaya Bhaduri played deaf and mute couple.have you seen these films ?

Bobby Sing

 Hi Chris,

I love Sanjeev Kumar and further for what I have seen or not I would kindly like to request you to please go through my site in details as that would help you a lot in making an opinion about things more clearly.

And would love to answer your each queiry in details.


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