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Marty (1955) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama / Comedy)

23 Nov, 2010 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Sometimes a film impresses you not because of any particular technicality related to film-making but only because of its simple yet very true to life depiction of a common issue. A film which makes you feel as if you have heard or seen the same story in your own neighborhood or the same has once happened in your own group of friends. In other words it’s the story of every lonely person who is fast passing through his 30s and yet is not able to find his perfect life partner for various reasons. One of the few rare movies, which deals with the subject of Late Marriage or an Over Age Bachelor, who is confused in taking his final decision of getting married.

Marty, the hero of this OSCAR winner movie is such a person who is fighting the tough time of his middle age bachelor life where he has to take decision to do it now or it is never going to happen ever in his remaining life time. The film brilliantly captures the personality changes in a person before and after finding the right girl for marriage in a late age. Both the director and his actors superbly portray the changes in the outlook of a person towards his own mother and friends after he gets the much needed support of a female friend. The film is highly realistic in a literal sense where its most of the scenes seem to be straight out of our real life. The relationship between a mother, son and her daughter in law, the talks between two old ladies, the sudden changes in the conversations between a son and his mother after a new lady enters his life, everything is so true to life that it readily reminds you of any similar kind of character in your own life.
It’s not a big budget movie, nor a film with great production value or glamour. But still it has the charm of being a very truthful, authentic and honest attempt wherein the inner feelings of all the matured characters are depicted in a very genuine way. In the year of its release, many people wondered why the movie was awarded the OSCAR for THE BEST MOVIE in presence of many other good movies. But in my opinion, it was the honesty of the film which got it the award quite deservingly. A very light, entertaining and insightful film, which will not disappoint you, if you are interested in watching something simple, frank and true to life.
Directed By Delbert Mann
Starring : Ernest Borgnine, Betsy Blair and Esther Minciotti.

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