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Memories of Murder / Salinui Chueok (2003 - Korean) (Movies To See Before You Die - Suspense Thriller / World Cinema)

30 Dec, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

If you are a fan of intense, investigative crime thrillers, teasing your thinking (grey) cells of mind in a serious mode, then you essentially got to see this thoughtful masterpiece by director Joon-Ho Bong at the earliest. And the reason for this urgency remains in the fact that this is not just another interesting or engaging probe into the criminal mind, but has something unique to offer with a different perspective explored in this tense genre like never before. It’s a film revolving around a serial killer, which instead of following a routine pattern, takes you into the emotionally devastating world of the police officers investigating the rare case using all their learned skills & training in a quite helpless mode.
Reportedly inspired from South Korea's first recorded serial killer case in the late 1980's, it’s about a sick sex-maniac who targeted rural community's women and used to strangle them with their own undergarments, leaving no clue of any sort for the police looking into the crimes. The case is investigated by two unusual detectives without any basic technique or specific outcome. As a result another competent detective is called in to take forward the investigations who declares that its actually a serial-killer operating in the region. The 'no clue' progress in the case creates a sort of desperation in the entire department leading to public humiliation and then they get hold of a suspect who seems to be the man they are looking for.
Actually the above description needs to be considered just as the tip of the real iceberg, since the film has much more deep and disturbing content to offer, crux of which should not be ideally revealed here to maintain its mystery intact. Progressing at a slow pace (in a docu-drama style) the movie transports you into the real world of some cruel investigations being performed by the assigned detectives and presents a fine blend of drama, thrill and comedy too incorporated in its brilliant script. The detailed characterization grows on you calmly along with a superb cinematography and haunting background score which intensely builds up the entire crescendo towards its shocking climax. And when the classic reaches it final moments, it makes you witness one the most intriguing, realistic and maddening finale, leaving you with numerous distinctive thoughts crowding your mind in a disturbing mode. The film raises a valid question on all the unsolved cases lying in the forgotten files of Police records and therefore can easily be rated as one the most thought provoking thrillers made till date revolving around the cases of serial killing.
In all MEMORIES OF MURDER is an exceptionally directed film, with worth praising performances by its entire team collectively, showcasing a different perspective of investigation in a highly realistic mode. Presented with few tense disclosures and a shockingly true climax, its undoubtedly a not to be missed, fascinating watch, especially for all friends interested in detective dramas searching for a cunning, ruthless serial killer operating freely.

Directed by Joon-Ho Bong
Starring : Kang-Ho Song, Sang-Kyung Kim, Roe-Ha Kim and more.
For more on the film visit : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0353969/

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