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Million Dollar Baby (2004) (Movies To See Before You Die - Sports Movies)

30 Oct, 2012 | Movies To See Before You Die / Sports Movies

Movies made in the Sports genre normally follow a set pattern of sequences leading towards a pulsating high voltage climax showcasing a fabulous win. But not when it’s a directorial venture of CLINT EASTWOOD talking about the tough world of boxing. The multi-talented veteran once again delivers a film which is simply out of the routine, with some exceptionally written characters having their own crushed guilt and passions of living a sportsman’s life. It takes you into those dark corners of fame, name and human nature which have been rarely exploited by any director before in such a hard hitting manner.

Honestly I simply couldn’t predict the shock stored in its final 15 minutes, which truly made me go numb for a few minutes sitting in an unresponsive state. Those few moments strongly made me feel both the pain and relief felt by the two powerful characters in the picture who sadly depart with each other in the most undesired manner ever defined by the destiny itself. And this tragic culmination depicted in the film forces you to rate it among the 10 best movies ever made in the Sports genre all over the world with 3 award worthy performances of Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman.
The impact of MILLON DOLLAR BABY can also be judged by the fact that it was the last film to be nominated in every major Academy Award including The Best Picture and won four out of them convincingly. Also at the age of 74, Clint Eastwood became the oldest Best Director Oscar winner for his movie, setting a new record. Another worth mentioning fact about its brilliantly adapted screenplay is that it is actually based on three short stories from the book “Rope Burns : Stories From The Corner” which talks about the experiences of long time fight manager and cut-man Jerry Boyd.
So even if you are not a big sports movie lover and haven’t really enjoyed watching this particular genre before, yet I would like to say that, Do watch MILLION DOLLAR BABY as a must, shredding all your doubts………….because its neither about any million dollars nor about any fixed sport. In reality its about life and the spirit needed to live it right till the end facing all its pain and joy.
Directed By : Clint Eastwood
Starring : Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman

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30 Oct 2012 / Comments ( 6 )
gagan chawla

Bobby Ji I saw the movie last night..in ma opinion last half hour of the movie saves the movie..till then it was just about ok...but last few moments were surely applause worthy..i have one suggestion to make...do watch warrior..its also a movie based on boxing...about family ties..its also very impressive..

Bobby Sing

Dear Gagan,
Thanks for watching it and sharing your comment here. However in this context I would like to add that the last 30 min of the film could actually generate the kind of impact you felt just because of the first 100 minutes you spent with those characters only.
And without those impressive initial 100 minutes you could have never felt the climax ever............Further the first part of the the film is about the "Choice of Not To Win", "The Loneliness" and "The Guilt" felt by its two male characters more than the story of the Girl alltogether..............and then the finale is the result of these emotions only which Eastwood had been feeling all his life......

Further for me if a film is able to teach you something in life then its a much better work or a Classic than the one which entertains you thoroughly. And from that point of view MDB is truly a life teaching masterpiece without any doubt.

And regarding the suggestion, I would surely watch WARRIOR soon and get back.
Till then Cheers!


gagan chawla
ur opinions are alwz appreciated sir....
Bobby Sing

Cheers to that Gagan and keep watching good cinema always.


Hello Bobby
Last night I watched Martin Scorsese\'s 1980 film Raging Bull. One of the best film ever according to me. Robert De Niro is an actor par excellence. But I was surprised not to see its name in Sports Must See films. Even Martin Scorsese\'s name is not there in your favourite director\'s list. Goodfellas, Raging Bull and Taxi Driver were enough for me to admire him. If you haven\'t watched these films then you are missing a lot.

Bobby Sing

H i Govind,
I have seen Taxi Driver and Goodfellas a decade back and would soon be watching Ragin Bull after your recommendation.
But somehow I dont remeber these movies as I remember the other ones even seen decades back. Still as you suggest I would soon go for them all again and then probabaly Martin will be there in my list here too as desired.

Till then keep visiting and writing in.


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