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More Inspirations in \"W-X\" Category (3)

28 Jun, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / W-X

1. Well Done Abba (2010) - Adapted from three different stories, “Narsaiyyan Ki Bavdi’ by Jeelani Bano, “Phulwa Ka Pul” by Sanjeev and “Still Waters” by Jayant Kriplani. It also shares a common theme with famous T.V. serial “Office Office” in which Pankaj Kapoor played a similar kind of role as Abba.

2. Woh (2004) – Inspired from “Red Rock West” (1993)

3. Who’s There (2011) – Takes it plot & poster references from “What Lies Beneath” (2000)

(Updated in April 2011)

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