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Mother / Madeo (2009 - Korean) (Movies To See Before You Die - World Cinema / Suspense)

27 Feb, 2014 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

By reading the simple title of the movie, one might take it as another emotional drama around a loving mother and her children having a moving theme. But giving you an indicative idea of its script, MOTHER is without any doubt, one of the most original, novel and shocking kind of films, presenting a completely new respectful meaning of the term ‘motherhood’ in a fresh perspective never used before in the cinematic history ever. In few words, its brutal yet emotional climax would literally blow your mind away, leaving you in an utterly confused state thinking about its final moments for hours or even days. So don’t just get deceived by its one word title at all and watch it as a must, especially if you love the genre of investigative suspense dramas a lot. And in case, you are still not convinced then here is a brief description of the film without giving away its basic plot or the suspense, mentioned below.
It’s the story of a mother who lives with her young son in his 20s and practices acupuncture in the village. Her son is an over protected boy with a low intelligence disability and one morning he gets arrested after a girl’s brutal murder and charged with the killing with some unclear evidences. The incapable detectives get a confession signed from the boy and he is now sure to get a sentence for the deadly crime soon. However the mother refuses to believe this and tries to find the actual truth, disclosing the real culprit behind the murder with her own efforts. And in the process she is ready to go to any extreme without any limits whatsoever and does that too with an unbelievable conviction going beyond our wide imagination.
Brilliantly directed by Joon-Ho-Bong, the engaging suspense drama won many deserving awards at various film festivals and has some really surprising twists in its unique storyline to keep the viewer hooked like a magnet. The performers truly deserve some loud praises for their superb acts, particularly Hye-Ja Kim who amazingly plays the lead role of the mother to perfection. The eye catching cinematography adds a new dimension to its completely unpredictable progression and there is no way that one can guess what is going to happen next in its last half an hour.
To put it straight, the final moments of film just leave you stunned with your jaws dropped and the film unveils a new meaning of the divine word, MOTHER through its unforgettable climax executed in a remarkable style. The film simply takes the World Cinema to its next level in terms of story-telling, emotions or performances and it would be crime to miss this highly impactful masterpiece to say the least. It’s a new-age classic which redefines the blessed status of a mother with an unimaginable fresh angle and you are certainly going to feel the refreshing difference after watching this impeccable gem for sure. A must watch for everyone who has got the urge to see something unique in the literal sense and a highly recommended watch for all the young students of cinema willing to learn the art seriously.  
Directed By Joon-ho Bong
Starring : Hye-ja Kim, Bin Won, Ku Jin and more.

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27 Feb 2014 / Comments ( 4 )
I hated the plot twist ending . :P
Bobby Sing

Its fine Shikhar, cause we all have our own set of likes and dislikes.
So where for many the climax itself was the main masterstroke, for others it might be a let down too.
Its all in the game as 100% acceptance is quite a rare achievement to make.



I read this post long back and only tonight I got a chance to watch this classic..

Speechless... Shocking..

I hv this page open in front of me for last few minutes but can\'t really find the right words to put my heart out.. Let\'s stop trying...

Hope you are doing well sir. May God bless you..

Bobby Sing

Silence is the best language to convey the unsaid Avik.
Keep watching great cinema and keep cherishing life much better than before post experiencing every new film like MOTHER.


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