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My Left Foot (1989) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Biographical / Drama)

22 Mar, 2009 | Movies To See Before You Die / Biographical

This splendid movie deserves to be in the curriculum of every acting school in the world for the fabulous job done by its lead actors. It’s a movie on the life of a physically disabled man who has got the courage to fight his fate and learns how to paint with his left foot. It inspiringly captures the important moments in his life from his childhood to the youth.

The director tenderly explains the pain, love and affection felt by this strong man. Daniel Day Lewis plays the role of Christy Brown with a class. In few words, I rate the work of Daniel Day Lewis in this film as one of the top 10 best acts in the world of cinema. Not for a single moment, you feel that he is acting and actually he is not physically disabled. He grabs you from your throat and amazes the viewer with his superb and flawless acting.
The best part of the direction is that it is not asking you to feel pity about Christy. You are bluntly shown both the good and bad sides of the character and how he feels realistically in different situations. Another brilliant aspect of the script is the relationship between the mother and her disabled child. The feelings they have for each other, and how they fight with the outer world. No doubt the OSCAR for both the best actor and the best actress went to this movie along with other numerous awards. Don’t expect it to be a tear jerker or a highly emotional film, because it is neither of these. In fact it is a simple movie about the story of a man who fights his disability with the help of his family members and friends. You may not find it entertaining either, but the movie is like a text book on acting which should be made mandatory to be seen by every student of acting and cinema.
A special praise is a must for the amazing child actor Hugh O’Conor, who played the young Christy Brown with an amazing ease and confidence. It is also worth mentioning here that Daniel Day Lewis insisted on being on his wheel chair always between the shots and also tried to eat and drink like Christy, (the disabled character) during the shooting, to get his act right. I think this example of splendid method acting truly deserves to be seen at the earliest.
Directed By Jim Sheirdon
Starring : Daniel Day Lewis (as Christy Brown), Hugh O’Connor (as young Christy Brown), Brenda Fricker (Mother), Ray Macnally (Father), and Fiona Shaw (Doctor)

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