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My Social Experiment with the film ENTERTAINMENT sharing it with three young couples and their kids. (By Bobby Sing)

09 Aug, 2014 | Articles on Cinema

EntertainmentReading many poor reviews of ENTERTAINMENT, a film about man’s four legged best friend and not about any STAR in particular, I was quite shocked and sad too. Because these reviews were judging a film wrongly with their respectable, intelligent minds just like any other big budget film made for the adults as per the routine.
Whereas ENTERTAINMENT is a film made for the kid in you and the young kids, but not for any so called adult more concerned about the monetary and many other irrelevant things of life.
Moreover these negative reviews are making two sins precisely:
1. Firstly they are discouraging couples to watch the film taking their kids along and thus depriving the kids from a film made for them alone.
2. Secondly and more importantly these reviews are disapproving a film made on a four legged friend which in reality is a quite precious & rare project in today's complex scenario wherein there are so many censor issues and animal rights organisation’s restrictions to work with, regarding the use of animals in films.
So if the kids are not watching this film today, then they are not going to find any more projects based on a Dog or any animals in the near future as the makers are not going to attempt the same looking at the difficulties involved and the less appreciation showered upon.
NOW thinking the same, feeling concerned for the kids around, I planned a social experiment in my locality with three young couples and their kids in the age group of 5-12. So there were 6 adults and 5 kids in total in my social test planned, to whom I gave evening show tickets of ENTERTAINMENT, conveying that this is all a part of my website promotional strategy. In which they don’t have to pay me back if they find the movie completely crap or a total waste of time as being projected in some major reviews. But are free to pay me back any amount, equal or lesser than the actual expense, as per the rating they give to the movie (asking their kids too), ranging from enjoyable, good, average or just ok, according to their personal choices.
Thankfully they all agreed and went to the movies together like a celebration in the festival evening before the RAKHI holiday and I waited for them all to return back eagerly. At about 9.45 pm my doorbell rang and I excitedly opened it almost running, meeting all the five kids standing in a smiling mood with one of the chosen couples.
I invited them to come in, to which they politely said No and the kids simply handed over an envelope with two big red roses saying,
“Thank You Uncle for ENTERTAINMENT……..We really loved him”
“Yes, Thanks a lot as we certainly wouldn’t have gone reading those poor reviews and the kids would not have enjoyed so much in the evening together"
the young mother said.
And the smallest kid among them also added,
“And my Daddy will bring me one small Entertainment next month………he has promised”.
Feeling overwhelmed with the kids responding in such a loving way I was simply left with no words but a lump in the throat. And seeing me silently smiling they all quickly went back saying good bye loudly in their own adorable voices.
Moving inside, I just smelled the two roses and opened the envelope given.
It had the complete amount of all the tickets gifted with a big Thank You written on it in a kid’s handwriting.
And I don’t think anything else needs to be written post this pleasant result of my social experiment with ENTERTAINMENT. So everyone reading, is free to make their decisions after knowing it all.

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