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NAKSHATRA - Movie Review : As a one word review it's a Torture. (Review by Bobby Sing)

30 Oct, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

A few weeks back it was “A DISTANT MIRAGE” and this week it’s “NAKSHATRA” which can be equally termed as a BIG TORTURE in return of your hard earned money and irreversible time. Being a childish and amateur kind of attempt right from the word “GO”, the film can be easily included in the list of movies which transform an exciting job of a reviewer into a highly tedious one.

Shot and publicized as a decent budget flick, NAKSHATRA falters in all of its major departments including its direction, script, music and acting. In attempt of making an interesting heist thriller, both the writers and their director take huge liberties in their completely unimpressive execution of the plot. The major sequences of the grand exhibition and the theft remain the weakest link in the movie since the director, Mohan Savalkar, doesn’t even care to reveal how the valuable asset is stolen and how exactly its hidden security code is broken by the hero who happens to be a script writer. Moreover he goes on to show the government official sites being hacked from an Internet-Cafe by the leading lady as if it’s quite an easy task equivalent to buy an ice-cream stick from the roadside.
Though the basic story-idea of a film-writer giving the whole plan of the robbery in his script sounds interesting and exciting. But in absence of any kind of thrill or adventure element in its treatment, NAKSHATRA remains one of those below average movies attempted by some new entrants in the business loaded with huge money bags but having no expertise in the medium.
In fact these kinds of films make me wonder that if the producers of such ventures are really so much talented and intelligent in their own business streams then why they hire this kind of an amateurish team to churn out such silly and childish project spending all that money just for nothing. Or maybe such films are only made to register some heavy losses in the otherwise profitable books of the rich and wealthy.
Anyway, NAKSHATRA has only two merits to mention here, which unfortunately still cannot save the film from sinking. One is its good promotional poster designed well and the other is its one chase sequence which is both shot and enacted in a fine way (which also displays the hidden sparks in its director creative ability). Otherwise the movie has nothing in it in the name of entertainment, acting or music, (despite the presence of Anupam Kher) which should compel you to watch it in theaters in this calm weekend before Diwali. So better spend your time in planning the coming festive weekend more explosively.

Ratings : 0.5 / 5

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30 Oct 2010 / Comment ( 2 )

 Waiting for jhootha hi sahi review.

Bobby Sing

Hi Kamal,
Sorry for keeping you waiting but I couldnt write it in time due to an untimely illenss.
But its now online for you and all the friends awaiting the same....

Keep Visiting and writing in.....Cheers!

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