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NAMASTE ENGLAND - Says a few right things in an awful manner as another unrequired Punjabi film made in Hindi. (Review By Bobby Sing)

18 Oct, 2018 | Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases

One of those rare films that strangely begin in the worst possible manner, NAMASTE ENGLAND commences with all illogical and awkward sequences, showcasing the lovers meeting each other in different seasons in Punjab. So the initial 10 minutes only clearly convey the pathetic thought process and poor making of the film as the second project in the franchise post NAMASTE LONDON (2007).
Post the bizarre start, the film desperately tries to get back on track talking about women empowerment and their freedom to work post marriage having their own career. But soon the absurdity returns and we get to see a silly story progression with all inconsistent twists and turns, further crossing the limits as the characters reach England in the second half. 
Focusing on the poor condition of illegal immigrants living abroad, here again the writers try to bring some kind of realism into their narration adding more ridiculous twists and sub-plots written vaguely. But nothing works and these eventually turn the film into a completely unbearable one, forcing you to either check your phone or go out for a long loo-break.
In short, the only positive feature of NAMASTE ENGLAND remains its short focus on career oriented women and immigrants, with the rest not even worth trying for a free gifted ticket. The direction doesn’t follow any pattern or specific path with many uneven cuts and inferior sequences. Plus the writing keeps trying to mix and match the same old rotten formulas including a speech on the rich traditions of India among the high society foreigners. Moreover the film also ends on an abrupt note as if they all had to catch a flight back to India wrapping up the ongoing shoot. 
In the performance department, Arjun Kapoor typically looks like acting on a gunpoint and even the otherwise energetic Parineeti seems to be too tired and uninterested throughout. Satish Kaushik fails to provide the expected entertainment along with the annoying Mallika Dua, andt the rest in the supporting cast range from average to poor as per their given roles (including a few called in from the Punjabi cinema). 
Once again loaded with many Punjabi based songs in the soundtrack (that are of no use), NAMASTE ENGLAND can also be called as yet another nonsensical Punjabi film made in Hindi, in order to get an added advantage in the overseas market. However, with such a horrible film, this should ideally be the last among such projects, foolishly banking on Punjabi songs and characters without even having the basic knowledge about the same.
So you can easily skip it in the theaters as well as the online portals in the coming months, since it is not even worth trying wasting your precious time.
Rating : 1 / 5 (and that too for the two thoughtful references as mentioned in the review)
Note : Following the same old exploitive practice, the ticket prices were yet again raised by the multiplexes for the film releasing one day earlier on Thursday before Dussehra (on Friday).
Strangely where the Consumer Product Industry organizes MEGA SALES on festivals reducing their high prices, the multiplexes ironically increase the prices exploiting the unconcerned public. Now though the people might have accepted this timely exploitation without thinking of any revolt as such, BTC will continue the tradition of deducting a big one star from such films, not caring about their passionate viewers. 
Net Ratings of NAMASTE ENGLAND : 1 -1 / 5 = You can easily guess what remains. 

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