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NIRDOSH - A potential mystery that hugely suffers due to its poor execution. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing]

22 Jan, 2018 | Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases

A film that has no excitement to offer in terms of its lead cast, should essentially have some extraordinary twist and turns in its script to keep the viewers engaged. Unfortunately NIRDOSH (directed by Subroto Paul & Pradeep Rangwani) fails to deliver anything exciting or engaging enough as a murder mystery and has everything highly clichéd along a painfully awkward lead act by ‘the still active’ Arbaaz Khan.
With both the storyline and its characters offering nothing fresh, remaining completely predictable throughout, NIRDOSH honestly does have a decent twist to reveal in its concluding moments. But the execution never tries to materialize on the same coming up with a pretty lame and uninteresting build-up, wasting a good opportunity of making a dramatic murder mystery.
As usual, both Arbaaz Khan and Ashmit Patel are simply just there without putting in any serious efforts, but surprisingly even Manjari Phadnis remains unimpressive, who otherwise mostly comes up with all likable performances. On the other hand, Mahek Chahal yet again attempts to be the ‘new age vamp’ and Mukul Dev decently tries his best to play the creepy neighbour.
In short, murder mystery has never been any strong or key genre of our Hindi Cinema (specifically of the recent past) and the tradition continues with NIRDOSH, wherein you don’t even feel the excitement to know the real killer after a while. Apart from its underutilized potential plot, the film has only one worth mentioning scene in the entire duration, where the leader of a fanatic group insults the cops and is given a good taste of reality right there in the police station.
So you can watch NIRDOSH, only if you cannot miss any film made in this particular genre and have to see every single murder mystery unconditionally.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

(Note: The article was first published on UC-News Mobile App in January 2018)

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