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NOOR - What a confused and lazy way to make a crime investigative thriller with neither thrills nor any investigations ending on a weird note. (Review By Bobby Sing)

21 Apr, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / N

Just like the lead character of their script, both the writer and director of NOOR seem to be equally confused about what kind of film they wished to make or of what genre? And in case this is exactly the story of the book/novel the film is based upon (Saba Imtiaz's “Karachi, You're Killin Me”), then the same can be said about the author too, however I highly doubt the novel goes with an exactly similar kind of story progression as shown in the film.

To clear the major misconception, if you think that this is something about crime investigative journalism then would like to reveal that the film never talks about any real investigations at all except taking mobile interviews and putting them in news making scary revelations without searching for multiple solid proofs, witnesses or more victims of a serious crime/scam. Later it all falls back to becoming a celebrity journalist posting an expressive Facebook video that goes viral as if that is the only social reform we can possibly think of.
NOOR begins with a long spell of tiring 15 minutes of simple character introductions with a voice-over which honestly puts you in doubt about its basic vision. Nothing happens in terms of a plot in the next 30 minutes (focusing on romance and bed room scenes), and a story thankfully begins after almost 45-50 minutes into the film just before the intermission.
Strangely, instead of changing the gear, the director keeps following the same lazy story progression in the second half too and we don’t get to see any kind of thrilling investigations even after 100 minutes into the film in a weirdly funny manner. Moreover, when it all finally leads towards a socially relevant ending giving some kind of social message, director Sunhil Sippy decides to end the film with an upbeat pub-song featuring Diljit and Badshah dancing along Sonakshi, once again revealing his utterly confused vision resulting in nothing
Having a fine cinematography, okay background score but below average editing, NOOR’s music fails to make any emotional connect with the viewer and here we yet again get to see an energetic gem of the past (Gulabi Ankhen) brutally murdered with zero energy levels so pathetically.
Having said that, NOOR doesn’t give you much to complain in the acting department, as Sonakshi Sinha keeps trying her best playing a Bridget Jones kind of act, also reminding you of Konkana Sen Sharma of PAGE 3Purab Kohli, Kanan Gill, Shibani Dandekar, M. K. Raina, Manish Chaudhari and Sunny Leone (in a cameo) remain effective in their given supporting roles but honestly Smita Tambe is the one who excels everyone else on the screen as the victim Maalti.
In short, a sloppy screenplay, uninspiring plot, lazy pace and a completely confused narration results in a poor film called NOOR that could have been an enjoyable light hearted thriller pointing towards the compromising journalism being taught and practiced in the present times.
No doubt the young journalists would easily relate to the lead character on screen facing the same puzzling issues as in their personal careers. However it still isn’t any film that can be recommended to be seen in a costly multiplex. So just wait for a couple of months and this will soon be there on a TV channel without asking for any extra effort or expenditure.
Rating : 1 + 1 / 5 (with the additional 1 just for the fine acts)

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