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NOT A LOVE STORY - Movie Review : "Koi Khud Se Bura Nahin Hota, Pal To Kisi Ka Saga Nahin Hota" That's my one line review of this masterpiece. (Review By Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller)

19 Aug, 2011 | Movies To See Before You Die / Thrillers / Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

Not A Love Story - Bobby Talks Cinema.comWith his current masterwork, Ram Gopal Verma makes a new statement, different from all his previous films, which is exactly what was expected from the maestro from a long time. For the people who are just ready to slam RGV down for once again exploiting a real life incident for his commercial venture, I would like to state that this time RGV has made such a film which pleasantly moves miles ahead of being A FILM alone and the

For many viewers and reviewers, this may not be entertaining stuff from the MASTER and they might like to rate it quite low, taking it only as an average interpretation of a real-life incident from RGV’s own point of view. But for me this is RGV’s new avatar as a Cinematic Philosopher where he superbly goes on to explain the significance of that one tiny moment in the life of a person in love, where he loses control and commits a horrendous crime, without any hidden and prior intentions of doing it at all. So as per my suggestion, if you watch this movie with a more deep and serious outlook then it will surely lead you to some real darker secrets of human psyche which may not be visible to any critique looking at it only as a film. 

As a project it obviously has got the well crafted direction with the trademark RGV camera angles adding an extra dimension to its shocking subject. But apart from the master at work, the three other aces in the film are its superb performances by the entire starcast (Mahie Gill, Deepak Dobriyal & Zakir Hussain), its fast paced slick editing and a well worked upon Background score which enhances the overall impact of the movie significantly. In fact I strongly feel that the film can be easily used to explain the importance and role of these two post production elements of film-making to the students of cinema.

The best part of NALS is that RGV never takes any sides of either of the killers in his second half. And then he ends the film with a well written open climax, showcasing a highly intense loving moment involving the lovers standing right in the middle of their family members, police officials and lawyers. And this last passionate scene of the film defines the feeling of LOVE within the couple, like never before in INDIAN CINEMA ever.

Moreover, what differentiates NALS from a normal film project is the way RGV brilliantly explains the value of those few moments full of anger, which become responsible for a serious crime committed without any prior motive. Particularly, in the court room sequences of the second half, the moment it is revealed that what actually happened in those few seconds, you feel like taken onto a dreadful trip within the sick & mean human mind which can go to any extreme to save his own self from a mistake already made. For instance after watching the film, just try to think for a moment that how ardently, the boy must have loved the girl whom he was visiting after a long gap and in return what the girl did, while opening the door crying like a baby. Again, just think how the girl must have made up all those words she said, in only a few seconds she had, which resulted in a dead body lying in her own house after a few minutes.

Hence, as I see it NOT A LOVE STORY is a journey into the cunning human mind capable of doing anything in those strong avoidable moments of ANGER & LUST. For the die-hard fans of RGV, the maestro is back in form with a blast and for students of the medium, here is another classy piece of art from the director, capable of teaching you many vital aspects of film-making in its two hours.

Interestingly, the basic storyline of the film is inspired from a real-life incident of Mumbai and very daringly RGV has also shot the whole movie in the same building in which the original crime was committed. But it was quite strange that the murder reminded me of a Hindi Crime Thriller novel read more than two decades ago in my school time, written by Ved Prakash Sharma, who is a well known writer in his regional market. Honestly speaking, that novel (the name I can’t recall), was even more scary and disgusting in describing a similar act in its narration and that is the reason I can still remember it after so many years. May be many of the readers here would feel awful reading this but in that novel, the murderer commits the crime, cuts the body into pieces as done in the film and then puts them into his fridge instead of burning them. After that for almost a month, he keeps on taking one piece every day out in a poly bag to be thrown in a nearby sever drain. And that’s how he gets rid of the body without any slightest point of doubt raised anywhere. This was the dynamic writing of Ved Prakash Sharma, who later also wrote for a few films in Bollywood.

Now coming back to Ram Gopal Verma and his latest insightful offering, I rate it as an essential watch for every avid movie lover since RGV undergoes a notable change with this movie revealing a lot more about our present society and its questionable norms. It made me feel like watching an intense Hitchcock film after a long time. In few words, I thoroughly enjoyed and loved watching NALS because :

With NOT A LOVE STORY, RGV uncovers the rotten, open and ugly face of our society where SEX clearly remains the biggest currency which can be used to get anything in the world under the sky.

Here the director once again clearly exposes the awful side of a LAWYER’s profession and shows how disgustingly they try to mould the things to win their respective cases, stepping over the souls and emotions of their own clients.

With NOT A LOVE STORY, RGV bewares the viewers from the cunning desire and ambition of BEING SOMETHING above the others, for which a human mind can simply go to any extremes.

The film redefines the emotion of LOVE on Indian screen, especially in its concluding moments which declare the pure love still existing between the two loving souls despite of all those dreadful happenings between them.

And with NOT A LOVE STORY, RGV reminds me, one of my own earlier statements written few months back that, “CRIME is an illegitimate and unwanted child of ANGER and therefore we should always take extra care before it gets conceived.”

So, just watch NOT A LOVE STORY for its hidden lesson, for Mahie Gill who is a true performer to look out for and for its highly realistic treatment given by the director, accompanied by an outstanding background score by Sandeep Chowta. Further just remember to watch out the sequence in which RGV uses his own song from “RANGEELA” to explain the inner conflicts of the girl, while she is being arrested.

As a concluding line, I would like to say that do watch NOT A LOVE STORY because it sincerely tells you that no one is a born criminal as sent by the ALMIGHTY. But its only that one split of a second of his whole psyche being full of anger that the Crime gets committed and then it leads to the further acts of hiding it. And as said in one of its songs, 

                 “Koi Khud Se Bura Nahin Hota, Pal To Kisi Ka Saga Nahin Hota”

Highly recommended for all lovers of intense cinema.

Rating : 4.5 / 5 ( including 1 point purely for its exceptional climax)


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19 Aug 2011 / Comments ( 19 )

Bobby u seems to be obsessed by the film.....need to see the film ......best thing i like about u r review is VED PRAKASH SHARMA.....purane din yaad aa gaye....woh Ved Prakash Sharma ki moti moti novels padna.....ha ha ha

Bobby Sing

Dear Gopal,
Loved to hear that you are also one of the fans of those GREAT MYSTERY and THRILLERS world of "Ved Prakash Sharma" and "Surendra Mohan Pathak". Yes those were the exciting days of reading them in just a few days and then watching out for their next ones coming after. 

But do watch NOT A LOVE STORY soon and then let me know how do you like it.




Vikas Saitya

Dear Bobby

It really amazes me how deeply you involve in a movie review.

You could easily outhink a philospher.

Well one thing I wanted to know how this passion ignited in you?

Rgds & Take care


Bobby Sing

Hi Vikas,
Thanks for your encouraging compliment and for finding a philosopher in my writings.

As per your question I would like to say that we all are actually passionate about many things from our young days. But the only mistake we make is that we ourselves let all those burning passions die as we grow up with our families and jobs.......which is real sad and unfortunate.

Secondly a human can be passionate only for three things :

Some are passionate about the opposite sex and they keep spending their whole life around this lust.
Some are passionate about money, property, precious belongings and they keep living their lives with these THINGS only.
Some of the remaining few, very few are passionate about Music, Movies, Poetry, Art and other creative aspects of life and they keep living their granted years with these precious gifts of existence.

I have chosen the third option and therefore take MOVIES as a mode of expression of LIFE itself.

Moreover there are so many outstanding Creations to be watched as a must for all which normally we keep missing out because we dont find any time for that and we easily become statisfied with whatever is served to us in the name of Cinema in our country. Therefore in INDIA, cinema is not taken anything more than an entertainment for a few hours.
But I take Movies equavlent to Literature, art and poetry, therefore always watch it with a different outlook.

I hope I was able to explain myself here.

Thanks once again for your kind comment and Keep Visiting brother,


Sounds Interesting... Will watch it soon..

Hey Bobby,

I watched the movie, I think you overrated this one in my opinion.
It was painfully slow and lacked anything interesting for the initial one hour.
It was only interesting in the last 15-20 minutes when they get arrested but after that it ends abruptly with a solid smooch scene (+1 for that)

Only thing which made it worthwhile was "shaky" cinematography which was looking good, I don\'t know how and why.

Sarkar II and Rakthacharitra were also very slow but I liked them as they had varied deep characters and situations, unlike this movie which had nothing to offer :(


Bobby Sing

Hi Shikhar,
May be you found it less engaging but as said in my review, I didnt looked upon it as a movie at all.
For me it was more as a journey into the mind-state of two loving persons who committ a murder when they have never thought of doing so ever in their life in the first place.
Now for me HOW they do it is much much less important than why they did and what were the moments which lead them to do it.

Regarding the over-rating, yes RGV undoubteldy deserves these ratings as if RGV would not have been there in Bollywood then we all still would have been singing the same kind of love songs roaming around the trees.
So, the director rightly deserves it.


Jayesh Adhyaru

Hello Bobby,
I have been a regular visitor of your website and an admirer of your love & knowledge of world cinema. We have talked several times, you know it! :)

But this time I am very much disagree with you. NALS is just another thriller movie according to me which does not deserve more than 2.5 or 3 stars. It reveals nothing new about psyche of murderers who surrender a few bad moments. The couple here behaves exactly the same way like any other murderer would have. Yes, to cut a body into pieces is exception, but to view things in large, it is same thinking like to hide something one keeps sinking into more and more crimes (Other mild versions are comedy movies based on the plot where to hide one false, characters keep building more and more false).

One off the track incidence: In Jamnagar, Gujarat, few years ago same, but more heinous incidence happened, in which a former corporater named Bhavan Sodha killed his lover and her two children and he kept cutting all dead bodies for over a month. He tried to dispose bodies with acid, but when failed, he took them in polythene bags and burnt them. Recently, verdict was out and killer got death sentence. I am sure, if Ramu knew this story, he would have gone for it (considering more absurdity!).

Coming to NALS, it didn\'t work for me because:
1. There was nothing unpredictable in whole movie.
2. Peeping into a woman\'s skirt (again and again in the movie) and show her cleavage, camera angles between legs, dragged movie to soft pornography.
3. Ramu\'s so called master camera angles irritates in whole movie.
4. We get idea when first time he make us listen Rangeela song, but her ringtone is really annoying and painful.
5. Again, Ramu plays hide and seek with reality (after Rakht Charitra). At one hand he says film is fictional, and on the other hand he keeps similar sounding names, \'same location\' (if it is fiction, similar to which?!), date of the incident. In one scene, when Dipak Dobriyal cuts the body, we are shown/heard latest TV Ads, and in the end they say it was 7th May, 2008!
6. And to praise its \'open climax\', is I think more generosity. Because if it was inspired from real life, the verdict was awaited and he had to left it without the verdict.
7. The background music was the same (annoying) as Ramu\'s earlier films.

However, I am agree with acting part.
Thank You.

Bobby Sing

Hi Jayesh,
Nice to have you here again and its also good to have some disagreements at time to time because that keeps the spirit alive.....otherwise it become monotonous too.

But frankly speaking now there is a problem whenever one goes for a RGV movie because you already have a few preset notions about him, which in most of the cases forces your view about the movie.

As explained in my review I gave NALS more rating due to the love angle it.......I simply loved the thought that even after the incident the two people very much know that they actually love each other dearly, otherwise in normal conditions one is bound to start hating the other, being a human.

Secondly I wanted to portray the SUDDEN CHARACTER CHANGES in a good person, which lead to a crime to my readers.

And lastly I can agree with your soft prono part but Background music wasnt annoying at all. Again this is an aspect for which RGV has always been pulled down......for me it was out of the box and was perfect as per the theme of the movie.

Its always good to discuss movies as this and I really appreciate your kind gesture......and as I said earlier it keeps the spirit up, so keep writing in more often.


amit joshi

Hi Bobby How are you,

Hope you will be fine as usual.

Deeply in the heart everybody knows that we get back what we give to life, The girl (in reality also) was over ambitious & was ready to go for any extent to achieve her dreams even the boy who was killed was a playboy Now what you expect the result ? a peaceful life !!.........yeah cutting into pieces is beyond anything but I don\'t agree with your thought of committing crime in a fist of anger..when you say this again & again (to prove this film a masterpiece) it sounds to me like you are feeling pity for 3 very kind, generous, honest & loyal people on the earth...........I would be agree with your point

If the boy tries to rape the girl and then her boyfriend kills him. I will call it fist of anger But in this case I think all 3 were shameless people who can do anything & can go upto any extent in the real life. I think you get my point

The girl was sleeping with him with her consent, the boyfriend must be knowing it shouldn\'t he kill his girlfriend also in a fist of anger because she ditched him but he killed only boyfriend.............why ?


Amit Joshi

Bobby Sing

Hi Amit,

I respect your opinion but I looked into the movie rather from a different angle and here are some answers to your points which I studied as a character change study in people which takes place as they find themeselves in a new and changed condition over a time:

1. The girl was overambitious but she wasnt at first ready to go at any extent for a role. In her first instance of Casting Couch she refused and it was only with frustration and time that she gave up this time and agreed.

2. The boy and the first director was a Partially hidden BOLLYWOOD as shown by RGV. He actually wishes to make a film on only this subject alone. But in my opinion as I said he right showed one of the biggest currency which can be used in this field.

3.  Now the anger point. Actually just think about what the girl says when the boy opens the door with flowers in his hands. She cries and says that I was raped. Now that for me was the suddent character change which cause the anger and therefore the boy didnt kill the girl.

4. Regarding the boy, as far as the film goes he is shown to be loyal enough as he keeps waiting for the girl to return. But again the Lawyers bring in the next change in their characters which in the end they again throw away with the great Kiss.

But in the end you can say that I was more impressed by the hidden things in the film than the visible ones.
For me it was my most loved Hitchcock kind of cinema, which I got to see after a long long time and therefore the high ratings.


amit joshi

actually I didn\'t see the movie as yet. but I have read too much on this incident in real when the crime took place, so the \'shouting Rape\' was intentionally done by RGV to prove his boyfriend right (so that he can go for any extent before and after committing the crime)

In real incident the boyfriend listen boy\'s laughing voice (they must be enjoying, i don\'t think rape kind of thing should happen when a girl calls a boy on his place in late night, I may be wrong !) on phone from background & ask what the hell he is doing there in late night, the girl replied that he is just here to help him & boyfriend immediately took the flight and came to check her and after watching boy naked he lost his temper and killed him.

this argument is too vast to argue......actually

I am trying to say if you play with fire then you should not complain to get burnt and
You are trying to say in the post that you are shocked to see someone get burnt 100%. you are not pointing out that he was playing with fire all the time.

RGV manuplated the script by showing that girl didn\'t come with compromising state of mind, also if she didn\'t come with this mind setup she should go back but she stayed there means you are ready to play with fire (knowing that you have already a boyfriend)

Bobby Sing

Dear Amit,

I am really shocked and sorry to know that you were actually discussing a movie in such a detailed comment, which you havent  even seen yet. For me this is height of absurdity my friend and I am really disappointed with this.
Sorry, I will not be able to answer you any more.

Thanks for visiting and writing a detailed comment on a movie which you havent even seen.




Hi Bobby..
Just now watched this movie.. Awesome!!! The whole movie makes me tensed and thrilled. I was edge of my seat, when the policeman investigating the actress alone at police station. I liked so many scenes. RGV backs with masterpiece.. The camera work is awesome. The shaking of camera here and there shows the tensed moments of scene.

Thanks for this movie review bobby. If you had not praised this movie, I would not have watched it.

Bobby Sing

Glad to know Naresh, that you liked it a lot.
Keep Visiting.


Good work from RGV. 3.5 stars.(0.5 stars for the final scene.I don\'t think it is the climax. It\'s the epilogue.)
I heard this movie shot within 20 days and it was just a timepass movie for RGV.
As u said if we look at this movie as a regular one our heads will spin. So this movie should be looked from character\'s perspective.
Actor who played the Robin character is great.

Bobby Sing

Rightly said Dinuth87, as its indeed a must watch coming from RGV after a long gap.


Vikas Saitya

Hi Bobby Dear

Finally I have seen this movie & right now I have my reservation for putting this into list of "Movie to See befoure You Die".

Point one as per thriller angle it is quite great & nailbiting, one can feel tension build up & everything done to create atmosphere is exemplary.

But my point is that crux of the movie is so pathetic & unconvincing that it leads movie to hopeless situation & that point "When Mahie Gill opens the door & convince Deepak Dorbiyal that Ashish(charcater name) had raped me\'

HOW ON EARTH ONE IS SO DUMB TO BUY THIS ARGUMENT, when the person is IN HER APPARTMENT in its comfort zone


Ramu chooses backgroud score after the murder scene, whereas the interaction b/w the two
should be the high point of the movie.

I was also curious about the movie because of your interaction with Amit Joshi(in comment section)
at that point of Time.

Well for me acting of lead player is quite authentic like u r witnessing a real life scenario.
Is it same feeling when I was watching Bandit Queen long time ago.

But overall Ramu is quite incompetent with above mentioned glaring loop holes.

Take care

Vikas Saitya

Bobby Sing

Hi Vikas,

Thanks for your comment and please allow me to explain a few basic things here about my viewpoint :

Firstly there are certain film-makers whose movies need to be watched in the ACTUAL THEATER to have their real impact like Alfred Hitchcock and at present Ram Gopal Verma.

So RGV movies seen on TV in your home are bound to make atleast 30% less impact what they could have made in the Hall. For instance watch SARKAR-I or RAKTCHARITRA -I in theater and then watch them at your home on DVD and you will understand the difference. The same goes with NALS too.

Secondly I rate or include certain specific movies in my section of "Movies to See Before You Die", which have an important lesson to teach which can make a difference in your personal life. Like I added a lesser known film "GAURI" only for its this important contribution. So NALS was also included for its said and especially for its brilliant climax which no other director in the current Bollywood cannot ever darely think to attmept in his film.

But it was great reading your views too and do keep writing more often as its nice to discuss movies keeping our own distinctive viewpoints.


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