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Nasoor (1985) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

30 May, 2012 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Nasoor - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

Aamir Khan took up the issue of “Evil & Unethical Practices by Doctors” in one of the episodes of his “Satyamev Jayate” (a program made on social awareness) in May 2012. But director Ashok Chopra made a complete feature film “Nasoor” on this important issue in the year 1985, almost 3 decades back. Sadly the film is neither known to many nor it has got a much deserving mention at all the bollywood sites taking about these kinds of “thoughtful movies” made in that golden period of parallel cinema.
Perhaps both the film-makers as well as the viewers today have forgotten that beautiful but tough parallel road of meaningful cinema which dared to talk about the socially and politically relevant issues of the society. It cannot be said that “Nasoor” was a movie ahead of its times, because the subject of these dreadful, ugly doctors was evidently a burning issue then in 1985 and it still is an even bigger fiery issue today in the year 2012. Moreover, this shameful fact alone should be enough to raise doubts on our own principles of life since a curse can only continue this long when it gets the much required support from both the society and its elected representatives together.
So “Nasoor” becomes even a more important film from this point of view because in this wide span of time of almost 3 decades, there was no other fully devoted film made on this subject by any film-maker. Yes, the references of malpractices in the medical profession have been there in many films, but there has not been a complete film just made on this sole theme, as per my knowledge after this brave attempt in 1985. May be the film-makers then were more socially active and thoughtful and perhaps people now have become habitual of living a mere cosmetic or glossy kind of life which is actually all hollow from the inside.
Here I would like to mention that “Nasoor” is not a technically polished film with some great production values backing the project. The presently available poor quality print on VCDs clearly reveals the treatment received by the film due to its non-commercial subject. But its included in the list of “Must See Movies” at BTC, since it is indeed a brave film, directed with some noble intentions in the limited available means featuring veterans like Om Puri. So many may find it just an average attempt as far as film-making is concerned but considering its socially relevant subject, “Nasoor” is no doubt an achievement made by Indian Cinema in the mid eighties. It also remains a landmark project because in the present scenario not even Aamir Khan can think of making a whole film just for this social cause alone, as it will not be a commercially viable project for his career. Frankly speaking, it’s a theme which might be perfect for a particular episode of a T.V. serial, but to make a complete film revolving around this evil practice with an aim of making the people aware……..needs much more courage and guts.
So, keeping this major point in mind, both the makers and the actors featuring in “Nasoor” deserve a greater applause, to support such a film made on this important subject, way back in the year 1985. Perhaps the scenario would not have been so grim today, if we had taken a strong notice of this disgusting evil developing within this godly profession in the mid eighties itself.
Hence if you wish to see an honest film made on everything showcased in Aamir famous serial’s episode made on this disheartening issue then do watch “Nasoor” at the earliest. The film also needs to be seen if you want to experience what movies used to be in those good old days of “Meaningful Parallel Cinema” in our own Hindi Film Industry.
Produced By B. K. Adarsh
Directed By Ashok Chopra
Starring : Om Puri, Priya Tendulkar, Sadashiv Amrapurkar and more.

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30 May 2012 / Comments ( 7 )
I have seen this movie during my school/college days and I loved it even then. It\'s a must watch movie
Bobby Sing

Thanks Parag for remembering this classic must see movie which is still as important as in the 80s.

Keep Visiting and Writing In,


Sandhya Divecha
Can't believe that over 30 years after this film was made, co authored by me, people have a good reaction. Very heartening to know in my old age that what I researched and co wrote is content that is relevant even today, in fact even more so !
Bobby Sing
Dear Sandhya Divecha Ji, Thanks a lot for writing in and it really feels great that there was film made 30 years back revealing a truth that is still very much or even more relevant today in the year 2017. Hope you would find many more interesting articles at the site too. With a big thanks once again. HIS BLESSINGS
Sandhya Divecha
Thank you bobby for your reply. Indeed I will see your write ups on various other films at leisure. This is a good site and worth visiting too.

I had watched it on Doordarshan.  Would like to watch it again.  Its not on Youtube.  Can somebody please make it available to me?

Bobby Sing

Dear Rohit,
It was there on Youtube some time back but now probably has been taken off.
Hope it gets released on any online portal soon such as Prime, Hotstar or more.

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