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Notting Hill (1999) & Abhinetri (1970)

30 May, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / Hollywood Gets Inspired / N

I loved watching “Notting Hill” featuring the adorable Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. And it genuinely deserved all the praises & success it received at the time of its release. The movie obviously is there in my “Not to Be Missed” list, since it’s one of the most beautiful and expressive movies made on the theme of “Love at First Sight”.

Having said that, I also remember one old Bollywood movie called “Abhinetri” featuring Shashi Kapoor and Hema Malini, released in 1970. Here also a well known stage dancer/actress meets a simple person by chance and then falls in love with him ignoring her own career and passion. The only difference is that here they get married and the story talks more about the problems in their post marriage life.

Abhinetri - Bobby Talks Cinema.com“Notting Hill” is also based on a similar plot but without any reference to marriage between the characters. It surely expresses the story in a much superior and lovable manner than “Abhinetri”, but the fact remains that the plot does have some good similarities to think it over.

I could not find any reference to whether “Notting Hill” was based on a novel or a story written much earlier. But if it’s not, then here Bollywood becomes the first one to come up with the idea of an actress falling in love with a common man and the rest are simply second.

(Do let me know if you have any info of another movie made on a similar plot before these two)

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30 May 2009 / Comments ( 5 )
Kris Belucci

Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!


hey notting hill is not based on ny movie especially i havnt com across ny western who loves bollywood .... though the trend is now chngin .... for thm indian movies means satyajeeth ray :) any ways notting hill is based on screen writer rihard kurtis who wrote four funeral n a wedding idea... infact four funeral director rejected the screen play for directin considerin too chessy ... richard curtis got this idea whn he was thinkin about how wud it be if madonna falls in love with one of our friends ... thts hw it started :) nyways i lik the movie for its simplistic approach of unbelievability n fyi its a british movie not an hollywood movie :)

Bobby Sing

Hi Rk,
I think you read the article with some assumptions dear.

Firstly never in my article I have written that NOTTING HILL is based on any movie. My write-up clearly says that both the movies are based on a similar theme or plot. And the only point mentioned is that in any case even if both the movies are original still Bollywood came up with the idea first.

And secondly Thanks for informing me dear but I havent even mentioned Hollywood anywhere in my article.

Nice to have you back.

Keep in Touch ......Cheers!

Lonng before Abhinetri, a beautiful movie named SONE KI CHIDIYA was made in 1950s, starring Nutan (actress) & Balraj Sahni (a writer). Singer Talat Mehmood played the role of a Superstar (Nutan\'s possessive fiance). The movie has striking similarities in the plot. E.g. the actress runs away from movie world & stays with the common man for few days; Heroine being ill treated by people around her & only Balraj Sahni understands the loneliness of the famous heroine. I have seen both ABHINETRI & SONEY KI CHIDIYA.. and definitely, Nutan starrer movie is much similar to NOTTING HILL.
Bobby Sing
That is really great and immensely valuable info Sharad. I will love to watch the movie and write more about it if this is the case. Thanks a lot and I will soon get back on this. Keep Visiting and Writing in, Cheers!
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