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OCTOBER (Hindi) & RANGASTHALAM (Telugu) - How they both use a similar plot so differently - Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing

20 Apr, 2018 | Articles on Cinema

The recently released OCTOBER directed by Shoojit Sircar is based on an emotionally, touching plot wherein a young, trainee boy working in a five star hotel (played by Varun Dhawan), becomes so concerned for his beautiful colleague, who unfortunately goes into coma, after meeting an accident while celebrating a party on their hotel terrace.
The incident actually hits him hard, the moment he comes to know that the girl was asking for him, just before falling from the terrace. Feeling a new attachment towards her, he obsessively starts visiting the hospital, lovingly looking after the girl and keeps tracking the minute details of the treatment provided by the doctors and nurses in the ICU. Within this long time-period he stops worrying about himself, the job or his career and fanatically remains concerned about the girl alone, till she comes out of danger shifted to a private room.
Interestingly a similar premise is right there in another recently released Telugu Hit film RANGASTHALAM (meaning Stage) in its concluding hour. 
An otherwise political action thriller, this well-made film directed by Sukumar unexpectedly reaches the hospital, when an influential politician (played by Prakash Raj) suddenly meets a road accident, going into coma. And here too the lead character (played by Ram Charan), comes to know about a brutal truth related with the politician, right before his car gets hit by a truck hurting him badly.
From here onwards, just like OCTOBER, Ram Charan begins taking care of Prakash Raj lying unconscious in the hospital in the state of coma and even starts living within the hospital premises itself surprising everyone around, including his family members. For months he devotedly does everything for the man, from taking care of his daily needs, changing clothes to sponging and even making shave with utmost love and care, as if he was his real son, till the politician gets back on his feet returning to a normal life.
And then comes the climax, shocking everyone watching the film, making a rock-solid impact, moving way beyond the expectations.
So where OCTOBER ends on an underwhelming note, not really satisfying the emotionally involved viewers, RANGASTHALAM gives you a severe shock uplifting the film to much greater heights converting it into a worth praising bold political crime thriller.
In fact, this is a perfect example, how a similar plot gets featured in two much appreciated recent films, but in complete contrast to the other, representing innovative cinema and the power of story-telling.

(Note: The article was first published on UC-News Mobile App in April 2018)

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20 Apr 2018 / Comments ( 4 )
Crazy 4 movie

That True, 😜
BTW, Rangasthalam movie in Hindi will soon release.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for writing in.
But I really dont feel the remake will have something entirely new for the Hindi audience.
Lets see as nothing can be predicted in the world of cinema.

Arun Baghel

The best Telugu movie I have ever watched, which has entertained me, next to Bahubali.  No words. From the start to the last the movie is an absolute beauty. It fills your soul and mind. When you watch the movie "Rangasthalam", within the first to ten minutes, you too become the part of the village, Rangasthalam. We become a part of the story. There is love, there is drama, there is the rustic village scenes overflowing with the pristine natural beauty that captivates a city mind longing for a  relaxation in the lap of our nature. The movie is crafted out in an excellent natural setting, that reminds us how beautiful our villages are, how terrific our scenaries have been, how much treasure we possess having them. Its high time reviving the villages and prevent too much urbanisation from creeping there. They are the soul of India, the farmer is the real hero. I recommend ruralisation of our cities to hit a balance between the nature and the modernization. The movie of Rangasthalam says it all, what we have lost, what we have to revive. Each scene of the movie leaves a specific impression in the mind of the audience. 

I am not sure, at which point I fell in love with Chitti Babu, whether his hearing disability, which he tries to mask and put it to effective use or his natural self with a pure heart. But, something is there very special about him, which Ram Charan plays iconically. His second movie, I think with such a powerful performance after Maghadeera. It felt he has lived as Chitti Babu. I have seen such blending into the character only in movies by Mohanlal and some other veteran actors. But, this has been awesome, Ram Charan is simply fabulous as Chitti. Looking forward to his upcoming movies. 

Bobby Sing

Thanks Arun Baghel for your elaborate and valuable comment on the rare qualities of the film.
Sorry for the late reply as many comments got hidden due to a technical glitch.
Keep Visiting and writing in.

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