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OH YAARA AINVAYI AINVAYI LUT GAYA (Punjabi) - Another below average film with only a few enjoyable moments provided by B. N. Sharma as the judge. (Review By Bobby Sing)

23 May, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

Keeping the religion based films apart, at present the Punjabi cinema is having three kinds of filmmakers trying to woo the audience with their distinctive projects. Among these the most significant are the ones who are trying to find the long lost link between the rich literature of the region and its meaningful cinema, widely avoided by the audience considering as something too artistic. Second are those experienced mainstream filmmakers who have got the support of big stars and have also now understood the need of finding fresh subjects to be presented with the much desired novelty to the audience.
But sadly the third are those same old visibly confused makers who somehow still think that anything might work in the name of comedy by bringing in a known name from Mumbai featuring in a film based on some old Bollywood hit revolving around a clichéd rom-com formula. And in this big misconception they simply tend to forget that the people of Punjab are actually the same people who more regularly watch all Hindi movies widely released in the territory that is considered to be one of most important territories of Hindi films distribution.
Unfortunately OH YAARA AINVAYI AINVAYI LUT GAYA falls in this third category featuring Jassi Gill (a Hit Punjabi singer) and Gauhar Khan (of ROCKET SINGH and BIG BOSS fame) as the lead couple. And the storyline straight away reminds you of films like Shah Rukh’s CHALTE CHALTE (2003) with an added angle of divorce and court room drama. The film begins with a song as usual and then offers nothing engaging enough either in its treatment or performances till the intermission. The sequences range between amateurish and below average along with a few catchy songs. But it overall fails to make any kind of impact till we get to see the veteran B. N. Sharma in a few focused sequences of a courtroom in its second half.
In short, the only merit of the film remains the performance of B. N Sharma as the judge providing the much needed relief and enjoyable moments, whereas the film falls down to some weird levels of lows when suddenly Gauhar starts ‘meowing’ like a cat and a RAP song gets explained/performed within the court itself by both the lawyers and the judge himself. As the lead star, Jassi Gill tries hard to give a sincere performance in his badly written role but Gauhar has simply done this film for financial reasons and nothing else. Playing the two lawyers both Karamjit Anmol and Rana Ranbir remain wasted despite having immense capabilities to bring the house down with their witty one liners.
In the end, I would humbly like to address the Punjabi filmmaker/writers/directors about two extremely important departments where Punjabi films are lacking at this particular stage.
The first is the department of background score which shouldn’t be recorded so casually by only adding many comical keyboard sounds here and there to generate a deliberate laughter. And the other is the so careless choice of second supporting cast, i.e. the people, extras or friends of the lead, participating in many crucial scenes of the movie standing along the main characters. In other words we need to choose professional actors in this particular category too in order to present an impressive sequence on the screen and one just cannot cast anyone and everyone (from the relations or friend circle) in such small but visible roles, to get easily caught by even the common man sitting in the theater having his own long experience of watching cinema.
Moreover, specifically talking about OH YAARA AINVAYI AINVAYI LUT GAYA, if a director really wishes to oblige his passionate producer spending all the big money on such a decent budget project, then the most ideal way to do it is by giving him a great film in return, making him a proud producer both in front of the trade as well as the public. In fact that’s the only way to payback your producer resulting in a highly satisfying deal but not by giving him a small role in the film simply ignoring his limited capabilities to perform showering some false praises.
Rating : 1.5 / 5 (Including 1 just for B. N. Sharma alone as the entertaining judge.)

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