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ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI AGAIN - A completely predictable and below average big flick, probably not directed by Milan Luthria himself. (Review by Bobby Sing)

15 Aug, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

The project was not able to create any major buzz or excitement with all its weak, predictable or energy-less promos before the release and unfortunately the result also remains the same after watching this major Bollywood flick in this festive weekend. To give it all in just few lines, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI AGAIN can easily be rated as a film with a pretty bad visionless casting and weak direction which simply gives you nothing in return in any of its departments namely the storyline, its execution, performances, music or action.
But talking about its direction first, keeping in mind the four hit films of the past directed by Milan Luthria as KACHCHE DHAAGE (1999), TAXI NO.9-2-11 (2006), ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI (2010) and THE DIRTY PICTURE (2011), I am forced to doubt that this latest film has actually been directed by the same person in reality, very strongly. Yes, Milan has given us a few weak movies too in his more than 15 years old career but looking at the director’s recent progressive record and excellent scripts of his last few films I simply refuse to accept that this extremely weak movie (from all standards) is really a brainchild of Milan himself. And in case it is (which is indeed hard to believe) then probably the director is now lost in the world of over-confidence, largely depending on the STARS and not his script and its content as earlier.
Beginning with all usual stuff and nothing exciting happening in any individual entry on the screen, the film straight away loses its major marks in the first hour itself. It has nothing novel or fresh in its storyline and further the execution too remains pretty ordinary and below the mark right till the climax. The surprisingly less engaging narration continues post the intermission and one keeps waiting for the director to make a quick comeback, which sadly doesn’t happen unexpectedly. So all you get in the name of entertainment are few sharply written dialogues forcing you to give a smile repeatedly and two good looking ladies Sonakshi Sinha and Sonali Bendre (special appearance) trying hard to showcase the talent in their few scenes. Especially its Sonakshi who scores the maximum marks here in the climax sequence shouting at Akshay.
Coming to the male performances, the written roles neither suit Akshay Kumar nor Imraan Khan frankly from any angle. Akshay doesn’t really make you feel the terror through his cool appearance lacking the depth and has a voice which reminds you more of his famous comedy films and less of a DON. Accompanying him in the lead, Imraan just doesn’t look like a Tapori playing the gangster’s right hand and rarely impresses you in any of his scenes throughout. So when the two leading actors of a movie don’t suit their roles perfectly then you can easily guess what could be the final outcome from such a movie altogether.
OUATIMA also loses the hold due to its few, less fiery action sequences and a very weak villain, Mahesh Manjrekar who is just not able to make any kind of impact through his badly written character. Abhimanyu Singh is truly wasted in his unimportant role and Sophie Choudhary, Sarfaraz Khan, Pitobash, Mushtaq Khan & Chetan Hansraj are just ok doing another of their given professional assignment. The film has a suitable background score along with a noteworthy cinematography and art direction. But what can be the use of a great recreation of the bygone era when you don’t have anything significant to say in its sequences.
Musically, this has one of the worst ever recreated tracks “Taiyaab Ali”, which is a pretty bad one and truly disrespectful towards its original unarguably. And coming from the hit-machine Pritam, it was not only shocking but also disheartening to hear such awful version frankly. Moreover, the film also has a hilarious contribution from our Censor Boards, wherein they very cautiously force the makers to mute the half word ‘Inter’ from ‘Intercourse’ in just few scenes as if the viewers are not mature enough to hear the complete word, referring to sex. And probably with this they must have felt like fulfilling their moral duty quite thoughtfully.
To end on a positive note, there is only one way that this current silly, avoidable and less creative trend of making blind sequels can end in the coming months. And that can happen only when weak and misdirected films like ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI AGAIN don’t do well at the box office giving the much needed red signal to its makers and they start looking for some fresh-real content around for their next projects. So, take a clue from this hopeful statement and spend an evening with your family instead of watching this avoidable, boring and repetitive sequel this festive weekend.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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