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ONE BY TWO - This is pathetically far away from the reputation build by the thinking actor Abhay Deol till date. (Review By Bobby Sing)
31 Jan, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases

Without going into any introductory lines, I would straight come to the point giving you the shocking news that if you also had a strong opinion (like myself) that there ought to be something out of the box or path breaking whenever the thinking actor ABHAY DEOL goes for producing a film, then unfortunately we were all quite wrong. Because here is a film co-produced by Abhay in which he does try to go out of the box, but in the attempt, mistakenly kicks the ball so hard that it goes out of the stadium instead of the box, never to be found again.
In fact the above statement is the best way to express the experience of watching ONE BY TWO frankly, as in this too the viewer desperately keeps waiting for the story to begin in its entire 135 minutes, just like waiting for the ball to be brought back into the stadium. But the director is simply not interested in beginning her tale even till 125 minutes into the film and then decides to end exactly at the point where the story actually begins. So that should say it all if you really wish to know about the film’s basic story progression. However for the fans, who are still eager to know more about this unexplainable, pale, boring & hard to watch film (featuring the thinking actor), then here are my one liner conclusions formed after painfully going through this badly made film, as mentioned below:

“It feels really great and intellectual watching the maestro WOODY ALLEN’s films, but one shouldn’t dare to try that ever…… if he or she doesn’t have that deep understanding of life, vision, clarity & a dialogue writer by the side having a similar, gifted intellect.”
“ONE BY TWO is probably the only Hindi Film in which the lead pair doesn’t meet each other ever, till the last scene in the climax & yet its supposed to be a love story with all those interesting love songs.”
“When there are so many reality shows thrown at our faces every evening through the numerous channels, do the film-makers still think that the viewers would be interested in watching another one on the big screen spending both their time and money?”
“Many a times, films are made just to establish a particular person and ONE BY TWO has clearly been made to establish PREET DESAI in the industry, since the film completely focuses on her, ignoring everyone else including the hero Abhay Deol. The girl looks pretty but gets totally betrayed by a poorly chosen script and her own foreign accent.”
“ONE BY TWO is a film which repeatedly uses ‘Toilet Humour’ in its badly written dialogues in the most disgusting manner.”
“It is undoubtedly the weakest, silliest and the most pathetic script Abhay Deol has ever featured in and the same can be said about his uncaring act in the film too.”
 “If you wish to watch a veteran like Rati Agnihotri hamming in the role of a mother then do watch ONE BY TWO”
“One of the songs of film goes with the lyrics, “I am just Pakaaoed……!” and that’s precisely what one feels several times, while watching the film in the theater.”
Summing up, there is indeed one out of the box, yet interesting feature of the film to be found in its fine SOUNDTRACK, which though remains completely wasted in the film, but still has many good tracks in it written thoughtfully. The best track of the album remains “Khuda Na Khaasta” sung by Arijit Singh, followed by “Khushfehmiyan” by Shankar Mahadevan, “Baat Kya Hai” by Clinten Cerejo, “Shehar Mera” by Thomson Andrews and “Kaboom” by Anushka Manchanda.
However listening to the tracks once again online, I really wish they were used in a different film with a decent amount of sanity in its script giving them proper justice. And yes, Abhay Deol was perfectly right if he was very much concerned about the music not reaching the audience in time, since the tracks do have a lot to say both in terms of rendition as well as the lyrics, moving ahead than many other OST’s, honestly.
Anyway, as a film ONE BY TWO turns out to be the first highly disappointing film delivered by one of the most reliable and dependable actors of Hindi cinema i.e. Abhay Deol. And the actor shouldn’t have really opted for such a useless script at all.
Rating : 1.5 / 5 (and the complete 1.5 rating is strictly for its fine Soundtrack only.)

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