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ONE NIGHT STAND - A project that probably got made, just because the lady agreed to do it for her own reasons. (Review By Bobby Sing)
07 May, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

A project begins with the Khans, only when one of them gives it a green signal. Similarly a project begins with Sunny too, only after she agrees to do it, otherwise the producers might not be interested in making it with any other name for the obvious reasons.
So as conveyed by the promos, ONE NIGHT STAND also turns out to be a strictly routine project clearly made (and named) to titillate the audience featuring the latest sensation, who is certainly on the verge of getting over-exposed doing all similar kind of movies walking on the rotten path.
Having said that, this time the writers interestingly did have something promising on the paper that could have been given a powerful social angle asking a valid question that, Why a ‘One Night Stand’ is largely accepted in case of males and considered as an unforgivable grave sin when it comes to the woman? Besides, the film also has a sequence pointing towards ‘Marital Rape’ and Sunny Leone portrays the role of a perfect wife, caring mother and a loving daughter-in-law probably for the very first time breaking the stereotypes.  
So focusing on these socially relevant subjects, ONE NIGHT STAND could have been a notably different film, but the makers didn’t care to do it that way and remained stuck to the usual mindset of a sex-based film featuring Sunny Leone, focusing on its steamy scenes and obsessed relationships alone following the set format.
As a result here we have a less than 100 minutes film that neither is able to raise any voice against the social bias nor evokes any sympathy for its onscreen characters with even the songs having the same repetitive feel in their presentation, sound, arrangement and renditions. The story progression remains dull right from the beginning and the performances fail to rise above the level of poor or average (with no chemistry between Sunny and immature Tanuj Virwani) except the timely relief provided by Kanwaljit Singh in a short role of Sunny’s father-in-law.
Directed by Jasmine D’souza and written by Bhawani Iyer, ONE NIGHT STAND actually isn’t interested in differentiating itself from the earlier Sunny Leone movies despite having an important social subject in its kitty. In fact Sunny also seems to be interested in doing the same usual stuff with all seen before mannerisms and act entirely dependent upon her unquestionable beauty on screen and nothing else.
However with ONE NIGHT STAND, she certainly needs to think upon her basic purpose of venturing into Hindi films as a leading heroine once again. Because if her maiden aim was to exploit her physical charm for a few years making some decent money and then getting back to her career abroad for good, then that time-period seems to be over. But in case her aim was to become an actress moving ahead than what she is widely known for, then she desperately needs to make some different choices refusing projects that are simply made to exploit her name focusing on the erotic elements (or can even go for producing such film on her own). In fact the dull response of few of her recent movies should clearly give her an indication of the change in scenario precisely.
In specific words when in a Sunny Leone film, the second leading lady played by Nyra Banerjee appears to be more appealing in both beauty and performance together then that’s a clear signal of ‘Time Over’ if studied willingly.
Besides, when Sunny entered Indian market through films in 2012 then the mobile revolution was still in the making. But now with 3G and 4G available on almost all kinds of handsets and video clips being shared for free on Whatsapp and more, the scenario has drastically changed and a lot more available just on a click on the mobile, in comparison of the 3 hours spent in the theatre buying a costly ticket. And I am sure everyone reading would easily get what I am willing to convey here indicatively.
In short, just give this a miss and hope Sunny Leone considers this as a beginning of the end, asking for some serious thought.
Rating : 1+1 / 5 (with the additional one for the potential subject that couldn’t be exploited well)

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