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OPERATION JAVA (Malayalam) - An anthology of cyber-crime cases pointing towards the educated unemployment in the country. (Review By Bobby Sing)

28 May, 2021 | Movie Reviews / 2021 Releases / Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi)

The most-watched and popular TV serials are the ones showcasing investigations of real-life cases of crimes solved by the police department. So, if you are addicted to that kind of content then Operation Java is a perfect choice for you, as an anthology of many interesting cases of cyber-crimes solved by the officials with the help of two young interns.
The debut film of writer-director Tharun Moorthy, though its narrative remains uneven, the project rises above the routine as it prominently talks about the cyber-frauds along with pointing towards the educated unemployment widely prevalent in the country. It also works as a focused film quickly getting to the cases, with no songs or forced sub-plots having an excellent background score and all impressive performances. Besides, the cases get you easily intrigued by talking about online film piracy, fake viral porn clips, nurses’ employment scam, murders, and more.
Another worth-mentioning merit of the film is the portrayal of police officials as mostly pleasing and helpful personalities breaking the conventional norm. They are eager to temporarily employ the youngsters, giving them a chance to prove their abilities and also feel helpless conveying the sad news. However, it’s this realistic culmination revealing a brutal reality of our society and economy (stating the facts), that makes Operation Java much more than just a well-made, realistic crime thriller. 
In addition, it also tries to warn us by informing, how today almost every investigation begins and gets solved too with the help of our social networking accounts and mobile phones. So even if we are regularly assured of completely 'Secured Data', it still reveals a lot remaining within the framework of the so-called digital security. But then, we have to live with it, having no availability of any other option. 
Rating : 3.5 / 5
Platform : Zee5
Starring: Balu Varghese, Lukman, Irshad, Bina Pappu, Shine Tom Chacko, Vinayakan and more.

NOTE : The edited form of this article was first published in THE FREE PRESS JOURNAL Newspaper (Mumbai Edition) on 26th May 2021.

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