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Oh, My God (2008), Bruce Almighty (2003) & Oh! God (1977)
23 Jul, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / O

“Oh, My God” released in 2008, is an Ok comedy featuring Vinay Pathak as the common man with high ambitions and Saurabh Shukla as The GOD visiting him repeatedly. Along with its interesting concept it also has a hilarious tag line, “God Proposes, Dubey Disposes” or “Bhagwan Deta per, Dubey Nahin Leta!!”, which points towards a funny character called “Dubey”. Now according to the novel plot of the movie, Dubey, becomes the chosen one, who is offered help from The God himself, more than once. But every time he simply ignores the golden opportunity and manages to escape his own good fortune.

At first thought, the idea seems to be inspired from Jim Carrey’s “Bruce Almighty” (2003). But moving a few decades back, we can find another movie having a similar plot released in 1977. Its “Oh! God”, which interestingly also has an identical title very close to “Oh, My God”.
In this English classic too, an assistant grocery manager is visited by the GOD himself (many times), asking for his help to spread A Godly message in the world. Though from here on, the Hindi flick goes on to its own distinctive path, but still the possibility of an inspiration angle here, cannot be ignored.

(Click here to read about another link between “Oh! God” and “God Tussi Great Ho”)

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