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Oldboy (2003) (Korea) - (Movies To See Before You Die - World Cinema/Thriller)

01 Dec, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

The perfect example of a brilliant, impressive & landmark movie coming from Korea, directed by Chan Wook Park. “Oldboy” is not a normal film at all as it has shocks, scandals and vengeance shown in the worst possible manner. A revenge taken in a way beyond the normal thinking levels of a human mind.

The movie was praised all over the world and was even copied by bollywood as “ZINDA”. But the hindi version could not incorporate the bold and blunt elements which could have shattered the mind of an Indian viewer. I will not disclose the suspense part here but would only like to say that the movie stays at the top of my list of “The Most Disturbing Movies” ever made. You will be taken back, awestruck with the revelations, as you go through its stunning and remarkable climax. It’s a kind of screenplay never attempted before on the silver screen, strictly for an adult viewing. Even if you have seen “Zinda” you cannot even imagine the main secret which the Hindi version skipped deliberately. So don’t miss this unforgettable flick and just see it as soon as you can. 

Directed By Chan Wook Park

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