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On Teachers' Day - An important lesson for the youngsters. - By Bobby Sing (Those Cherished Cinematic Moments - 8)

05 Sep, 2018 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / THOSE CHERISHED MOMENTS OF THE SINGLE SCREEN ERA

On the day dedicated to our teachers, I am lovingly remembering one of the most amazing masters I was blessed to be with, learning the basics of Hindustani Classical Music for a few years, Pandit KAILASH PAWAR - the renowned Sitarist-Composer (residing in Delhi).
Though he was in Delhi, I was fortunate to get in contact with him quite late, just a few years before he went abroad and then finally left for his heavenly abode in 2006. But those few years spent with him gave me SO-MUCH that is simply unexplainable in any language or words.
Guruji is the one highlighted in the picture and he is performing as the key Sitarist in the National Orchestra of All India Radio which was especially being conducted by Shankar (of Shankar-Jaikishan fame) probably in the mid-70s. 
The second key sitarist in the picture is Sh. Rash Bihari Dutta about whom I again got information quite late in life, even when he used to live just 200 meters away from my house since decades and I didnt even know it. Luckily got in contact in the last few months before he shifted and learned a few important lessons he kindly taught me with love in that short span of time.
Unexpectedly got this picture featuring both the masters together from net and felt so excited and overwhelmed to discover this after decades.
However the lesson I seriously wish to share is that many a times, life gives us a rare, never-again kind of opportunity meeting blessed masters on the path without giving any prior information or indicating towards the precious value of such instant connect. But may be due to our young casual nature or immature- naïve outlook at that particular point of time, we are not able to make the best of it and then later keep on regretting with a heartfelt sadness.
It unfortunately happened with me but be intelligent and aware enough to ensure that it doesnt happen with you in your important years of growth and learning, becoming more receptive, creative, trusting and aware of the people you meet in life and their hidden value.
Because meeting such masters and being with them for even a short time period cannot be even compared to the usual routine academic learning, we normally give more emphasis to.
And believe me, the aura, magic and warmth felt interacting and learning with the masters simply uplifts you to another level and you never remain the same with
Happy Teachers’ Day to all.

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05 Sep 2018 / Comment ( 2 )
Sudarshan Pandey

Very nice article on Teachers' Day. Thanks for letting us know about two of key musicians in the picture, you shared.

Bobby Sing

The pleasure is really mine Sudarshan Ji.
Keep Visiting and Wriring in.

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