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PAGALPANTI - The new tradition of 'Kuchh Bhi' continues with this so-called comedy, literally representing its title. (Review by Bobby Sing)

22 Nov, 2019 | Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases

Last week we witnessed a film trying to recreate the era of 80s with a vague kind of presentation focusing on action and typical heroism prevalent in our Hindi cinema. And this week we have the same novel tradition of adding “Kuchh Bhi” as content continuing in PAGALPANTI that is supposed to be a clean, enjoyable comedy with an interesting cast. 
Easily one of the weakest and most awful films of director Anees Bazmee, PAGALPANTI perfectly justifies its title and gives you almost nothing to laugh or even smile in its around 140 minutes of duration. The film is like a project written on the sets with many stale and poor jokes added just hours before the shoot and the actors improvising on their own as they feel like. At times, such process of filmmaking might possibly result in something unconventional and entertaining, but this remains far away from anything that can even be seen without buying the ticket on the online portals.
The film neither tries to give you something fresh nor has some enjoyable sequences coming at regular intervals as usually seen in such brainless comedies. Besides, the actors also seem to be repeating their old roles seen in various films except Arshad Warsi, Saurabh Shukla and to some extent Anil Kapoor, who are the only saving grace during the entire silly narration. Sadly, a lot of good talent remains wasted and girls are there just because they got to be there bringing in the glamour. Further an intolerable recreation of old hit songs blindly goes on following the trend, simply adding into the annoying happenings on the screen.
However, what actually puts you off is the so desperate use of names pointing towards Neerav Modi and his associate, along with the clearly forced patriotic insertions towards the end which simply reveals the bankruptcy of ideas among the writers including the director.
In short, PAGALPANTI is a kind of film, which reminds the critics the other side of their job, of watching, tolerating and reviewing such badly made films.

Having said that, since comedies are the most loved and preferred genre of our Hindi film viewers, so who knows this also might be liked by many, who can watch anything and everything in the name of comedy featuring the known names.
Rating : 1 / 5

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